Beautiful Women Poop Too

woman on toilet

A while ago one of our members posted a picture in the forums of a beautiful girl sitting on a toilet seat. Underneath this picture it said ‘Women poop too’.

I have often thought about how true that statement is and how many of us avoid this uncomfortable thought as much as possible. Most of us don’t want to think about women pooping because it is something that we find disgusting despite it being a biological imperative.

Naturally we want to concentrate on the beautiful qualities of women because this is how we foster our own attraction towards them. However, the one thing that is worse than believing that all beautiful women are disgusting, is believing that all women are perfect creatures that can do no wrong.

Beautiful Women Are Only Human

When you place beautiful women on a pedestal, you automatically place yourself beneath them. If you are trying to attract someone who you believe to be much better than yourself then you are going to have a hard time selling yourself because you don’t believe that you have a good offer.

However, if you see beautiful women as being equal to (or beneath) yourself then you are going to be much better at selling yourself because you genuinely believe that you are offering them something good.

If you adopt this belief, then you will also become much better at handling rejection. When beautiful women reject you, instead of thinking “what’s wrong with me?” and feeling pity for yourself, you are more likely to think “Her loss” and feel pity for her.

If you have been trapped in a way of thinking that makes you feel inadequate when seducing beautiful women then a good way to change that is to picture intimidating beautiful women pooping on the toilet before you approach them. This will help to humanize them for you and you will feel less intimidated when talking to them.

This doesn’t only apply to beautiful women either, you could do the same thing with your boss, your ex, a policeman.

We often perceive these people as intimidating because we have only seen them in the one light. Our only impression of them is a formidable one, so picturing them in compromising embarrassing situations can suddenly make them a lot less formidable.

You don’t get what you deserve in this world, you get what you take and if you want to attract and seduce beautiful women then the first step is to learn to stop fearing them.

When you become a Player you become the alpha male, a natural leader; you rise to the top of the social food chain, you become a hunter and a hunter should not fear his prey.

By Kieran Black

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