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beautiful women

Cool, beautiful women are everywhere!

How many guys get caught up in searching for the one? Searching for that one girl that is going to transform their entire lives.

What many guys don’t realize is there is no “One girl” that is for you. In fact, giving that you have your head screwed on properly you are going to meet many girls that you feel are special at any giving time.

Do you remember highschool, that one girl that you had a major crush on and you were sure that you entire world would come crashing down if you didn’t get this one girl. Then what happened? You graduated highschool and can now barely remember what she looks like. Your eyes and emotions have now laid upon another.

Anyone that is out there approaching and meeting beautiful women all the time can tell you that there is a certain type of women that usually has a special flair to them. They just seem a little bit more special than all the girls that you usually run into. These are the quality women that have a life full of affection and happiness.

They tend to have great relationships with their families and have a solid circle of cool and supporting friends. What gives these type of girls that special glow that makes wedding bells ring in your head whenever you see or talk them? The fact that they have fun fulfilling lives and don’t need or care about having a boyfriend.

They already have a life that makes them feel complete. These women are actually the hardest to get. If approached they are often extremely friendly and social. They smile and laugh at your jokes and you will feel like they are completely into you.

And in fact they are, however they are content with just a 20 minutes conversation with a cool stranger and nothing more. And they will politely make that clear to you. How many guys are on that level? How many of you players out there can genuinely have a great conversation with a sexy stranger and not care for any type of follow up from them?

Maybe that’s a level you may wanna aim for.

When I am actively approaching beautiful women, I will run into these kinds of women once or twice a week and whenever I don’t (at the very least) get their numbers, I always get that empty feeling like ” wow I just lost a good one”.

However, because I am out there meeting beautiful women a lot I know that there will be another… And another. I have learned from these quality of women that no one thing is the end of the world and if you are a good person you will attract plenty of good people into your life. As cool and handsome as I may be they know that another guy just as cool and handsome as me will make their way into their lives soon enough. And another will, most likely someone cooler.

All this goes to say that no one girl is the end of the road for any man and no man is the end of the road for any girl. I know when I meet a girl that I fall in love with my body starts releasing chemicals that make me want to bond and have children with them. I enjoy the chemical rush but I also have the understanding that I will get another girl that I will one day feel the same way about, given that this relationship doesn’t work out. And that is the exact attitude that keep the relationship moving forward.

Just remember that you will meet many beautiful women in your life that you’re going to feel are special and different. There are a solid number of girls out there that can do that for you and that can can be the one for you.

So in the meantime, create a fulfilling life so you too can be perceived as a quality guy. A guy that gets affection from a lot of different areas and doesn’t rely on ONE source of affection. Do some community work, baby sit your niece, make supporting and loving friends etc. This lays down a foundation that many beautiful women find attractive

Ensure your foundation is laid properly before building a relationship, the structure will stand for a long time. A quality woman wants to be with a man that has a lot going on, a man with his own well of happiness; a man that isn’t looking to find someone to make him happy.

My biggest pet peeve while coaching is when a guy tells me ” I would be happy if only I had a girlfriend”, like attracts like players. It will be tough to find a girl that is happy and content unless you are first happy yourself.

Be your own ONE. Be someone that you would fall in love with. How many guys can honestly say that they would date themselves? How many. She may be the ONE but she isn’t the only ONE.


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