Attract Beautiful Women Like Barney Stinson

Barney Stinson says suit up

If you have ever watched the television series ‘How I met your mother’ then you have no doubt laughed at the hilariously awesome antics of Barney Stinson, a character whose bantam passion for seduction has left many men looking on in awe.

Well despite the fact that Barney Stinson is a fictional character there is still a lot that all men can learn from him and so ‘Way of the Player’ has taken it upon ourselves to analyse the seduction style of Barney Stinson and break it down into a learnable format, so you too can potentially seduce women like Barney Stinson.

We live in an age where beautiful women are especially savvy and suspicious; they have seen and heard of that many ‘man scams’ on women that they have prepared themselves for the worst when dealing with men. They know that we, as men are constantly contriving new and effective ways to get into their pants and most of the time this leads to undesirable consequences for gullible women, so in turn beautiful women are making it their business to know our business.

This is no doubt partially why ‘Way of the Player’ has such a large yet unspoken female following (yes that’s right) because most of these women get as much of a kick out of these articles as their male counterparts.

This is also the reason why we tend to avoid going into detail on ‘pickup lines’ and ‘routines’ for the simple reason that they have a very limited shelf-life and once they do the rounds they will do you more bad than good. Thus we encourage our members to make up their own material using ‘Way of the Player’ guidelines rather than scanning the web for other peoples ‘old stuff that used to work’.

Something you should know about Barney

Keeping in mind that Barney Stinson is in fact a fictional character of a hit television series, his character is no doubt based upon what NPH (Neil Patrick Harris (guy who plays Barney)) considers being an exceptional player and human being. Taking into account that NPH is in real life quite openly homosexual, we can only assume that this character is not based at all upon the real life actor but this does not make ‘Barney Stinson’ any less awesome or possible.

If that was the first you have heard of Neil Patrick Harris being gay, then we apologise. Every enlightened straight ‘How I met your mother’ fan recalls the day they found that NPH bats for the other team but at least he gave us ‘Barney Stinson’ and for that we are eternally grateful.

Perhaps since Niel Patrick Harris knows intuitively what it is that makes an attractive player, he was able to form the character of Barney upon his own ideals and therefore perhaps this unique perception of the ‘modern Player’ could be far more accurate and insightful than the common perception held by straight men and one has to admit that if all straight men had the exquisite taste and of style of Barney Stinson, there would be a lot more people getting laid.

Barney’s seduction style

There is no doubt about it, Barney Stinson gets the results with girls, yet he also appears to work very hard to get those results. One fundamental thing we disagree with Barney about is the dishonest methods he employs in attracting beautiful women. Frankly, he lies to them and this is wrong and not recommended for anyone wanting to get good game.

However, unlike many of the men who lie to women to get laid Barney is not a misogynist, in fact he loves women (and so do we) but Barney is more pro-masculinity than anything, he holds onto traditional ideals of what men should and should not do and he has even adopted some of these ideals to reflect modern innovations which the current generation of pro-masculists consider unmanly and therefore not appropriate for the modern player who is quite often the epitome of masculinity.

For example.

Article 35 of The Bro Code.

A Bro should never say “it’s to die for”


Article 40 of The Bro Code.

A Bro should never “sip” an alcoholic drink through a straw

Barney Stinson knows the value of masculinity in seduction and doesn’t sacrifice his manliness for the purpose of getting close to girls. Instead, Barney comes up with a wide array of unorthodox tactics for deceiving women into a sense of false security without betraying his innate masculine self. Now although you have to respect Barney for coming up with such extravagant and ingenious means of bedding beautiful women, we think he’d be a lot better off romantically if he was honest with these girls from the start because intentional or not his deceitful ways with women are keeping him single and out of love.

One thing we love about Barney is his attention to detail with his presentation and style because this is something we hold dear at ‘Way of the Player’.  (See The Player’s guide to style) Barney is very specific in his dress style and he diligently follows his own personal rules without exception, his integrity in this regard is rock solid. When Barney leaves the house he is always dressed to impress and he never overlooks any detail, no matter how small, this allows him to keep a consistent aura of awesomeness in his day to day life which has obviously translated to success in his work environment also.

Barney’s apparent ability to cope with anything that comes his way is derived from excessive deliberation and pre-meditation in all facets of life which concern him. His strategic initiative and planning would have made him an exceptional field commander in any army but he has found use for these talents elsewhere.

The man also has an unmatched love for grandeur and his confidence is completely uninhibited, he is always self assured and right in his own mind and little can sway him from his own beliefs. Yet Barney is also tactful and diplomatic with others so he rarely finds himself in direct confrontation but would rather rely on his wit to win out in any given situation rather his brawn or ability to intimidate.

This makes Barney very likeable as a person because Barney is so crafty that most of the time people don’t even realised they have been duped by him until the moment has well and truly passed and by then all they can do is look back and laugh with an affectionate ‘Oh Barney, you cheeky rascal you’.

Barney regularly gets away with miscreant behaviour that would see many in deep water and he does this by never being too serious or malicious in his intent, he doesn’t want to hurt anyone and he doesn’t mean any harm, he is just narcissistic and cheeky in such a way that it is construed as charming. This is what allows Barney to pull it off and this is one important facet of what you will need to learn to do in order to seduce beautiful women like Barney.

Barney’s ethics.

As mentioned earlier, Barney lives by a particular code which he calls The Bro Code‘. Although we do not agree with all of Barney’s codes, we respect that he has a code because all men should have a code or system of beliefs that they follow.

Men who ‘don’t believe in anything’ tend to be seen as untrustworthy and unreliable, they are typically looked down upon by conventional society and aren’t very good at keeping friends because people feel uncomfortable around those they see as being of ‘no substance’ or integrity and they struggle with the constant fear of a dagger in their back.

It is for that very reason that if you do not have an ethos or ethics which you live by, you should develop some. If you don’t know how to develop some then take someone else’s, in fact even better, take ours! (See ‘The 10 pillars of the modern Player’) That was why we developed them, to help other men find a value system that is both productive to them becoming players and morally sound (the two are not mutually exclusive).

Using elaborate schemes to seduce beautiful women

Assuming that you still want to be able to seduce women knowing that we do not endorse him lying and creating elaborate schemes to seduce women then you would need to develop two important skills.

Firstly you would benefit from attending improvisational acting classes because Barney’s natural showmanship is what makes his ridiculous schemes convincing. If you were to attempt to use the same lines and schemes that Barney has used to seduce beautiful women they probably wouldn’t work for you for two reasons,

A) The girls are avid fans of ‘How I met your mother’ and have seen it before and…

B) You are (probably) not an incredibly skilled actor and you would lack the skills necessary to make it convincing.

Secondly, girls react differently in real life, for one it is very rare to see an extremely hot girl sitting alone at a bar just waiting for a man to come seduce her, most of the time they are with a bunch of girlfriends or waiting for a date. If they don’t fit into either of those categories then they are probably an obscene alcoholic or incredibly lonely, maybe both, in which case you have hit jackpot and are in for a fun night and awkward morning.

Beautiful women also tend to be a lot more dismissive and harsher on guys who approach them in bars, they aren’t always as friendly as the G rated versions we see on sitcom television and you won’t always have a team of script writers on hand to give you the perfect line. In reality, you will need to be psychologically prepared for a real conversation because the one-liner you came up with while you were planning your approach might give you an in but it is up to you to take it from there. It looks much easier on television than it actually is.

Another thing we love about Barney is that he is very bold and willing to go where other men will not; this is an admirable quality in a man and an essential quality in a player. Since Way of the Player is the most current and informative player community in the world, it is essential that everything we receive and publish is cutting edge and ahead of its time and the way we achieve that is because our members have balls the size of toasters and they know how to use them.

If you are out one night and you have your eye on a girl, try asking yourself, what would Barney Stinson do in this situation? If your answer is, lie to these women to try and get them into bed then you are taking the wrong lessons from our charming loveable television player, if your answer is to do something awesome and outrageously charming which has never been done before, then you are a true player and well on the way to refining your game to a divine construct if you haven’t already.

So what have we learnt from Barney Stinson? Be bold, be masculine, be charming, be playful but most importantly don’t make the same mistakes Barney does by lying to beautiful women, because as long as you do you will never find true love and without love in your life, you can never be truly happy.

Of course, if you didn’t feel like you got all the answers you wanted out of this article then you can always just go to the source and read The Playbook: Suit up. Score chicks. Be awesome. but you might burn in Player hell for all eternity… On the other hand, it’s funny as heck, so totally worth it.

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