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By Kieran Black

Most of us have at some point or another met girls who are totally hot but also totally insecure. We often see these kinds of girls dating assholes or average looking guys and we think to ourselves ‘they could do a lot better’… Well what happens when we see and want very hot women who know that they are hot.

Some guys would tell you that you need to ‘neg’ women like this in order to bring them down to your level so you can pick them up. For those of you who don’t know what negging is, in a nutshell, to ‘neg’ means to mildly insult a girl in a dismissive manner in order to make her feel self conscious and unworthy and in doing so make her feel attraction towards you.

Well this might work occassionally in the “” world on your run of the mill airhead but most beautiful women are more savvy than that and will either just think you are an asshole or worse, they will catch on to what you are trying to do and label you a creep and a loser.

So before you read any further, this article is NOT about ‘negging’, Way of the Player is strictly anti-negging for one very simple reason. We do not need to neg, we are not unworthy losers trying to play at being attractive to beautiful women, we are attractive to beautiful women. We are players.

Therefore we don’t resort to trickery to attract hot girls with attitude, we don’t drag them down to our level, we offer them the opportunity to alleviate themselves to our level. This is called social climbing and as Players it is essential that we give off the illusion that we are at the top of the social ladder. How do we do this?

For those of you who do not know, my name is Kieran Black and I am the Editor-in-Chief of ‘Way of the Player’, that means that everything that is published on this webpage appears on my screen before anyone elses, it also means that any spelling errors you might come across are totally my fault because it is my job to make sure there aren’t any.

Although you might come across some articles that I have written myself and pretty much all of them which I have to some degree edited, this is my primary role within the Way of the Player community. My secondary role is assisting with the promotion, maintenance and delegation of this community and part of that involves a little something you might be familiar with called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Now if you want to start a website, then thats easy, practically anyone with a little ‘computer know how’ can do it. But, if you want your website to be popular and have people actually visit it then you need two things, good marketing and links from popular high-traffic sites. Now this same principle can be applied to many situations, especially if you were to replace ‘marketing’ with ‘image’ and ‘links’ with ‘connections. You now have the formula for excelling with style in any area of your life.

For superficial purposes, Image and Connections make the man

You could have the funniest, sexiest, coolest personality in the world, you could be a mixture of James Bond and Hank Moody on crack! But, if you ignore the superficial aspects of yourself then you will be blowing yourself out of the game before you even get a chance to play.

The fact of the matter is that no matter how much work you put into having a great personality, if you disregard your physical appearance and presence, then you are wasting your time because ostensible presentation (second only to confidence), is the most primal and fundamental aspect of sexual attraction and it is always the first thing we judge people by.

Just look at Britney Spears, a woman who everyone wanted. She’s had more guys jerk it to her image than the cast of ‘Debbie does Dallas’ and despite how she seemingly went from super babe to haggard hairless troll overnight, there was once a time when most men would have given their pinkie finger for one erotic night with her.

So why did the girl that could have any guy settle for a brain dead nobody with an IQ lower than his waist size, a mullato child from a past marriage and a severe cultural identity problem?

Well for one thing, he was a dancer and in pretty good shape, so ostensibly he was an attractive guy, secondly, he had excessive confidence (no matter how misplaced) and he had the balls to go after her in the first place, even though he was only a back up dancer and she was a massive pop star.

Sometimes it just comes down to having a willingness to try; strongly believing you are capable of getting a extremely beautiful women in the first place, that you are indeed worthy. This can be enough to make beautiful women feel attraction towards you.

They know they are beautiful but they want to find out why you think you are good enough to approach them with confidence, are you famous? Do you own the venue you’re in? What is so special about you? That is what should be going through a  woman’s head every time you approach them because if it isn’t, that means that she saw through your act and you weren’t alpha and confident enough to make her think you’re a big deal.

A lot of men fall into the trap of seeing insanely beautiful women and thinking to themselves that she is too perfect, too hot to ever be attracted to a guy like them. Well the truth is, no matter how perfect, no matter how beautiful, most of these women including the ones you see on a magazine spread or on the silver screen are having sex with somebody and there is no reason why that somebody can’t be you.

Famous hotties are not as far out of reach as Hollywood would have us believe. They like sex just as much as anyone else and although they mainly keep their dating options limited to the A list, it is not uncommon for an excessively confident civillian to whisk them off their feet because when it comes down to it, they are just flesh and blood like the rest of us and they were fucking normal guys before they were famous.

Now although celebrities are extreme examples of “beautiful women who know they are beautiful” they are the most valid examples that we all know of and therefore relevant.

If you have the balls to go after a hot celebrity then you can go after any beautiful woman with ease. That is where you should be setting your standard, rediculously high. Because even if you drop your standard considerably you would still wind up with a girl infinitely more attractive than if you were to have your standard at say… ‘good looking enough’. Aim for the stars you will get the moon.

There is actually a bit of a ‘catch 22’ in this article because the reality is ‘No girl knows 100% without doubt, that she is beautiful’, it doesn’t matter how high their self esteem is they will always believe there is someone better out there who can comparatively make them look average and beautiful women that value their beauty above all else often have massive hidden insecurities but they also have more defense mechanisms in place to protect this vulnerable inner self. It is our role as player’s to break past this and we achieve this through excessive confidence and anunrelenting drive.

To be unrelenting in seduction does not mean  to be annoying, persistent and bothersome but rather it means to be, provocative, fearless and completely self assured.

You need to prove to her from the moment you approach her that your skin is thicker than hers, that no matter what she throws at you, you are not afraid of her and you are stronger than her. This is what it means to be a real man and real men are the hunters not the prey and the tougher the prey the tougher you need to be to claim it.

 If you approach a beautiful woman and she rejects you outright, don’t get angry, she is doing what evolution has programmed her to do, dismiss inferior males in favour of the Alpha’s. If she has decided you are inferior without giving you a chance then maybe you should take a look at yourself, what are you wearing? Did you neglect anything? Did you pay attention to the little things?

Even if you are butt ugly, most beautiful women will still give you a chance if they believe that there is more to you than meets the eye, so that isn’t really an excuse. If you are getting rejected straight off the bat then you are probably doing something wrong, it is as simple as that. Even if she has no valid excuse other than having standards, don’t blame her for having standards, her standards are what ensure the survival of our species.

If you get rejected outright and you have nothing else up your sleave, then move on. Don’t linger longer in the moment, don’t let it bring down your night/day. Accept that no matter how good you are, everyone gets knocked back occassionally and every rejection provides an opportunity to improve and brings you one step closer to success.

Losers give up after one little obstacle and beautiful women want winners not losers. You can be an unemployed drug addict with no future but if you have a winning attitude when it comes to seducing beautiful women and you have the balls and confidence to go after them, then eventually you will get a girl. She probably wont be the best quality of human being but none the less, you would be doing better than some guys.

Stuff like your job, your car, your future might matter if you are dating them but if you are just planning on attracting them and taking them home with you for a bit of fun then that shit doesn’t matter, you don’t need it to succeed. The man makes the man, not his possessions or acheievements.

If you want to attract beautiful women you are better off having a versache suit and an old scooter, than a ferari and dirty overalls because this is what will make the most important impression when you meet a total babe out for the first time, first impressions count.

In conclusion, it is great to be able to attract and seduce beautifulwomen but if you are planning on marrying with them, make sure they have more going for them than their looks because a lifetime is a long time and every year beautiful new babes come on the market so don’t settle for the first hot girl who lets you put your member in her unless you are 100% sure, because there really are plenty of hot sexy fish in the sea.

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