Assume Authority


What Does Authority Mean To You?

Authority is a necessary part of a functioning society, without it, there would be no civilization, no order, just chaos.

Everyone wants authority, and those who don’t have it, often resent those who do but how do you get authority? Why should anyone listen to you?

My name is Nate and I’m here to tell you how to assume authority and use it to your advantage. But first a quick story about someone who assumed authority.

The other day at work, an employee we’ll call ‘Steve’ was doing his rounds (Steve has no authority) and he told a co-worker of mine (we’ll call him Bob) to put items back on the shelf.

He didn’t ask, he simply said “Bob you’re putting this all back.” Bob looked at him and said “The hell I will if you don’t ask respectfully.”

One of the bosses overheard this, came over, patted Bob on the back and said “Steve you just got burned, you’ve got no authority.” That was that. Steve was stunned. He just stood there, deer in the headlights. No reaction.

But why?

I’ll tell you why. Bob stood up for himself. He wasn’t about to let someone who didn’t have any authority boss him around.

Now, there is more to authority than simply standing up for yourself and not letting people push you around.

I used to be a sap, I’m not gonna lie. If you had a nice face and a good pair of tits you probably could have got me to do anything, but thankfully that has changed. How did I get that authority? Well, for starters, it wasn’t given to me.

It was little by little, I started approaching more women (note: I still don’t approach nearly as many as I should). The more I talked to them, the more I began to realize they’re just people and not some supernatural thing of beauty.

I also started to take pride in how I look, I put time and effort into how I looked. I made sure my pants were clean, same with my shirts and made sure they were wrinkle free. I stood up straight, shoulders back and walked with purpose. As a result I began to feel the need to express my opinion and speak up.

I entered college, and let me tell you something: not everyone likes it when you don’t agree with them. College is, how do I put this…very political.

I was giving a presentation in class and someone was talking. So I told them “Excuse me, please stop talking, if you’re going to talk during my presentation then I’ll do the same when you present.” The girl apologized and stopped talking.

However,a male classmate who I didn’t get along with at all grabbed his book-bag and screamed “Nate, i’m sick of you being such an ass!” He stormed out of the room, slamming the door. I shrugged and moved on.

In that instance, he was so appalled that I expected to be shown respect that he compromised his own reputation in that class (and quite possibly a part of his grade) and made an ass of himself.

Authority isn’t even the act of telling people what to do. You don’t need to be a CEO or some big name star to have authority. Having authority simply means three things: deciding what you’re going to do & believing in it regardless of what others think, speaking your mind, and deserving respect.

However, be aware that not everyone will respect you, or like you for this, but that’s fine. You don’t need to like or respect them either.

Now back to that first story about Steve & Bob. Why do you think Steve didn’t get the respect that he wanted (aside from being an insufferable a$$hole)?

I’ll tell you why.

First of all he wasn’t authoritative, he was outright rude, secondly he isn’t well liked in the workplace, and thirdly he assumed others would simply listen to him because of his ego. Don’t be like that, do not think because you’re cocky people will listen to you. There is a difference between appropriate authority and frat-boy cockiness.

Rather than being an arrogant jerk, try and be a benevolent leader. Rather than trying to ‘make’ people do what you want, concentrate on how you can make them ‘want’ to do what you want. You will always catch more bees with honey than with vinegar.

Lastly, people will naturally congregate toward you because of your assumed authority.

At work, I walk with purpose no matter what. I don’t care if I just used the bathroom or am just helping out a customer. I walk with my head and chin up, chest out, and back straight.

It’s actually quite surprising how many people at work are drawn to me, merely because I assume authority.

Keep in mind, I never actually tell people what to do. I’m just a part time drone, the lowest of the low. But all the other part timers say hello, chat with me, you know the deal. Hell, I’ve even pulled some numbers this way and made some decent friends too.

Submitted By WOTP reader, Nate

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