Are You Living On The Edge

living on the edge

Eddie Fews talks about living on the edge.

(Alarm!!!!) Wake up 7:00am – brush your teeth – shower – get dressed and head out the door by 8:00am to get to work on time.

Arrive at work do what you did yesterday, eat lunch, work some more, punch out and head home. Get home home, tired from all the stress at work, put the TV on, watch some sports or reality shows, Brush your teeth, go to sleep, and prepare to do what you did the day before…

Oh great! Weekends here, get drunk, dance your ass off, hit on girls, wake up with a hangover, eat some greasy food, lay on your ass all day and prepare for work on Monday.

And the best part is, you get to do this same exact thing over and over until you retire; then maybe you will have saved up enough money to travel more and see the world.

This is the life that many of us are living today, so there should be no surprise that every time you put your television on there is a commercial about some new way to medicate your depression.

If you’re anything like me and many other Players out there, this isn’t the type of life you enjoy or feel called to live. It just doesn’t sound natural and so often you will be left wondering, ‘is there more to life?’; but the big question still remains… ‘What can I possibly do about it?’

There is a famous quote that goes, “I’d much rather die on my feet than live on my knees” and the robotic nine to five american dream life is the equivalent to Players as living on your knees.

As a player and a seeker of adventure, it’s dangerous to both me and my mental health to live a dormant lifestyle; therefore I make sure to live a life of adventure and to surround myself with people that share my passion.

Take my friend Alex for example. Alex is a cool guy that grew up in the south of the united states. He always had a passion for acting but constantly put it off because he was too busy making his parents happy. He even completed college because he knew this is what would make them proud.

As a result he was down and depressed, but then one day he decided he had enough. At the age of twenty three he quit his minimum wage job with little to no money in his bank account and came to New York City with a dollar and a dream.

He then slept on city park benches in the freezing cold until he could find a job and afford a place to stay. He is now signed to a popular acting agency and is extremely close to landing his first big role in a Hollywood film. Talk about dedication, how can someone that passionate not achieve the success they are aiming for?

My Friend JP left Miami to come to New York to be a musician, my friend Dan left Israel to and came to New York to be a Film Director, and I left the suburbs with no real idea of what I wanted to do but I knew what I wanted wasn’t to sit at home struggling to make my parents happy.

Now living on the edge doesn’t necessarily mean you have to run away from home, it just means you having the will and drive to pursue your passions under any circumstances.

If you have a business model and you truly believe in it, take out the loan and go for it. The money is the least of your worries, because when you are following your dreams and doing what you love the money will make its way to you.

Living on the edge isn’t for every one, some people enjoy and love routine. If that you, that’s amazing and more power to you.

But for the guys who feel compelled to do something extraordinary with their lives, its about time to stop wasting time. Step up, chase your dreams and fulfill your purpose. And even if your fail, at least you know you gave it all you’ve got.

No one wants to be an old man regretting not fulfilling the desires of their hearts. You’ll never know if you can fly unless your take the risk and leap.

By Eddie Fews


I’m Dating & Seduction Coach ‘Eddie Fews’- I work with men on various things from improving their text messaging to approaching and meeting women on the sidewalks, stores and coffee shops all over the world. Although we have shortcomings, we should constantly be working on improving and building ourselves into better more efficient people.

If you need that extra push and motivation to get out there to meet and date more women and want to expand upon your seduction skill I could be the coach for you. You can Email me: to check my availability ,rates, and you will be contacted by me or one of my representatives within 24 hours .

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