Approach Women With Curiosity

how to approach women

How Do You Approach Women?

Something I have noticed lately, is that there are a lot of guys out there who are primarily focused on things like, sexual intent, assertiveness and masculinity when they approach women.

These are all good qualities to display to women but they shouldn’t be your primary focus; and this is why.

These elements introduce an atmosphere of intensity into the interaction. This is a good thing when you want to take things to the next level and turn a friendly conversation into a sexy seduction. But when you first meet someone new, this can be a bit overwhelming.

It’s important in the scheme of things to show women that you are a strong, confident, sexual male but it’s not always the best first impression to make if you want to win a girl over.

There are plenty of muscle-bound alpha male types who walk around with their chests puffed out, grabbing girls asses, thinking they are cock of the walk; I’m sure you’ve seen them.

These men might seem like strong, confident, sexual males but they also seem like that is all there is to them. Unless a girl just goes out wanting to get laid and nothing more, these men don’t usually get selected by quality women.

Usually, any self respecting women will find them overwhelming and sleazy and they will be on the look-out for a man with more substance.

Curiosity Is The Best Approach

If you approach women with the sole intent of getting laid, then you have already made up your mind that you want to sleep with this woman before you have even spoken to her. You haven’t taken into account that she might have a bad personality, or you simply don’t care and this means that you have low standards.

By approaching women like this you are giving them your cock in a jar. They don’t have to work for your approval, you have already made up your mind that you want to have sex with this girl purely for superficial reasons.

You might not communicate to her directly that she has already won you over at first glance but you will communicate indirectly, through your sub-communication. I.e. Gestures, tone, body language. Thousands of little tell-tale signals that you send out to her and are completely unaware of.

Women are much more perceptive than men. They are more socially adept and they have great bullsh*t detectors. Most women can tell if you’re being fake, no matter how good an actor you are.

Therefore, the best way to ensure that things go well for you from the approach onward is to make sure that you are being totally genuine and open with your intentions.

That doesn’t mean telling a girl straight up that you want to take her home and have sex with her, because as a Player you should never have decided this before approaching a girl.

Instead, if you see a girl who you think is physically attractive, then approach her with a mental frame of curiosity. You’re not committing to anything until you get to know her better and decide that she is worthy of your time and attention.

You could even honestly tell her straight off the mark.

“I saw you standing over here and I thought to myself, that girl is beautiful! I’d like to get to know you better.” (Or some variation)

If you say this to a girl and you actually mean it. If you have a sincere attitude, that no girl can win you over on her looks alone. And you are just satisfying your curiosity when you approach women to find out if you hit it off. Then I guarantee you, that things will start to change right away for you.

Women will see you as being confident, honest and refreshing because you’re far from desperate and you give them the impression that they should feel honored to spike your curiosity.

If you saw a really nice car in a dealership, would you commit to buying it without test driving it?

You would have to be an idiot, to just commit yourself to the first nice car you see without even finding out if it’s a good fit.

Seeing a woman in a bar is no different.

Give Yourself Value


Just because you might be able to blow a load to some girls in a porn magazine doesn’t mean that you should feel mentally obligated to have sex with them in real life. (Should the opportunity arise)

Your Jizz should be a valuable commodity to you. Your genetic material, your sperm, is one of the few things in this world that you truly own rights to. Would you just give it away to anyone?

It’s the same with your ability to pleasure a woman. (Yes this is something you have that is valuable to women) Would you just give that pleasure to anyone, deserving or undeserving?

You should be selective of who you jump into bed with. Only losers think that they can’t afford to pass up opportunities for sex, no matter what the cost. Winners know that there will always be more opportunities for sex and their self respect is more important.

And this is part of what attracts women to them.

People want things that they perceive to be valuable and something that is easy and cheap is not valuable. If any woman can have you, then only desperate women with no value of their own will want you.

Approach women with curiosity and nothing more. Don’t give them anything until they have earned it and proven themselves worthy. You alone determine your own value and you will only ever get what you think you are worth.

By Kieran Black


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