Approach Women – The Words Barely Matter

One thing I get asked by guys all the time is, “what should say to beautiful women when I approach them?”

And I normally answer them by telling them that they should try and be as genuine and fun as possible and then I give them an example, like.

You are out at a nightclub and you see a girl wearing a leopard skin dress. So you approach her and you ask her ‘Did you just come back from African Safari?’ 

Approaching a girl in this manner would likely result in an interesting conversation. it’s a good line to use but it’s just an example of the confidence you need to put forward in order to improve your approaches.

So what do some of these guys do?

They memorize the line. Then they spend the rest of their night looking for a girl in a leopard skin dress to use it on, without realizing that they have missed the point entirely.

Even if they did find the leopard skin girl. Approached her and took her home at the end of the night. They haven’t really learnt anything because they haven’t learnt to think for themselves and more importantly they still lack confidence in their own ability to be funny, interesting and spontaneous.

What they didn’t learn. What they needed to learn. Is that pick up lines are mostly meaningless; they are just words which will most likely be forgotten after the first sentences.

It isn’t the words that beautiful women respond to. Women respond to the confidence and demeanour of the man approaching them. Even though it does help to have a good line, you don’t need one and whether you have the perfect line or not, you should still be making your way over to approach the girl you had your eyes on when you first walked in the room. Because at the end of the day, actions speak louder than words.

Approach With Confidence

Confidence is an amazing thing. Personally I have uber confidence, I will go out and I will approach and talk to anyone who interests me. Whether it be an incredibly beautiful women or high status men, I talk to them all like equals and they respond to my confidence.

But I haven’t always had this splendiferous confidence, in fact there was once a time when I had little to no confidence at all but I worked at it and I put myself out there time and time again. Like a crude iron ingot, plunged into the furnace and bent and hammered to perfection over time, my confidence became as strong as steel and it’s edges became razor sharp wit.

There was once a time when I believed I needed lines to chat up beautiful women. I believed that seduction was like a play to be rehearsed and acted out on the stage of life. But I realized as time went on and my confidence grew that I began to need lines less and less and eventually I didn’t seem to need them at all. Suddenly just saying hello to beautiful women and asking them about their night was enough for them to take a profound interest in me.

This was all because they recognised my confidence. There was no faltering in my voice, there was no break in my stride. When I would approach beautiful women they knew that I was not someone to be ignored or overlooked, they knew that with that kind of confidence, I must be a pretty special guy.

If you approach a girl without confidence, it doesn’t matter if you use the most charming, funny line in the history of charming, funny lines. If you have no confidence to pull off your approach with style then it is a wasted line and once the initial hype has passed your conversation will probably run dry.

Confidence is the meat behind any approach. It is the substance within a person that makes them intriguing and special and without it you’re simply a shadow of a person afraid to step into the light and it’s so incredibly rare that ‘shadows’ are the men that beautiful women fall in love with and it is even rarer for them to live fun fulfilling lives.

Confidence is essential to any successful approach.

Approach Mentality

As well as having great confidence in an approach it is also essential to have the right mentality for approaching beautiful women.

If you are approaching women with the attitude that the end result of that approach defines you and your abilities as a person. Then even if you seduce a girl from your approach you have still failed because you are basing your self image on what is happening externally rather than what is happening internally.

If you believe in yourself and you know that you are a good person capable of great things. If you act on your desires and impulses and live with no regrets then nothing that happens to you should affect the way you see yourself and rejection from an approach shouldn’t bother you, it’s in the past and can’t be changed.

If you want to be great at approaching beautiful women then you can’t be hard on yourself when it doesn’t work out the way you wanted because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you take her home or not. What matters most is that you respect yourself and you had a good time.

Because approaching beautiful women is supposed to be an enjoyable activity and beautiful women can sense if you don’t really care whether you get laid or not and this is really attractive to them.

So in order to get laid a lot, beautiful women need to believe that you don’t actually care about getting laid a lot…

Why would beautiful women become more attracted to men who don’t care about getting laid?

Because they are more likely to be genuine in their emotions and conversation and less likely to lie to them and tell them what they ‘think they want to hear’ in order to get laid.

Approach like you are just doing it to have a good time, like it’s all part of fun day/night at hand, like you are just living in the moment. Do this right and beautiful women will recognise your genuinity and it will put them at ease and in the mood to get to know you better.

Alpha Male Attitude

Although it’s awesome to be a super chilled out guy and have a great approach mentality where you don’t fear rejection. You also want to make sure that you come across as an alpha male from the very beginning. This is what will make beautiful women want to put you in the potential lover zone rather than the platonic friend zone.

In my years in the seduction community, I have actually met quite a few guys who were great at talking to beautiful women but absolutely pathetic when it came to having sex with them. Why? Because these guys were all super feminem to the extent that they were more like a Gay Best Friend to these girls rather than a Strong Alpha Male, so from the moment they went up to them and put on a Gay accent and told them “Oh My Gosh, I love your hair”, they had already friendzoned themselves from square one. This is not Player.

To become a player means to become the embodiment of alpha male; a player is masculine to the point that he is in all relevant areas opposite what would be considered very feminin behaviour.

This difference, this great divide between the sexes is what we find most appealing about the opposite sex. Just like we find physically vulnerable, emotionally fragile (insecure) girls attractive. Women find physically strong emotionally secure men attractive.

Even though we might often curse some of these qualities that make the opposite sex so different to us, if all girls started acting exactly the same way that men did… If they started sitting around playing video games, eating pizza and farting in present company then we might find that we are suddenly a lot less attracted to them.

So it’s important as an alpha male to be just as confident as they are insecure, to be just as strong as they are weak, to be just as persistent as they are resistant and to be just as dominant as they are submissive.

The list goes on but in the dating world, the strong alpha males will always enjoy the best selection. So as a Player you need to have the alpha male attitude that will shine through when you approach beautiful women.

From the moment that you open your mouth to say hello to the moment you are balls deep in her testing out the endurance of your bed frame. She needs to know that you are the man and the alpha male that can make her feel like the beautiful woman she is.

Become A Player

A Player embraces his sexual self.

When one becomes a Player he chooses to acknowledge the fact that he is attracted to beautiful women and he is not ashamed of the fact that as an alpha male he desires to have sex with many beautiful women.

To become a player you need to be proud of your sexuality, you need to go against a society that encourages you to regress your sexuality, to feel guilty for wanting to have promiscuous sex with beautiful women, to go against your very nature as a man and an alpha male.

We live in a society where people believe that if a man has sex with a girl and does not call her then that man has done something wrong and deserves to be judged by others.

Well this is not fair. Unless that man has made the girl that he had a sexual encounter with a promise that he will call her, then he has done nothing to raise her expectations and he has been true to his word, he therefore has nothing to be ashamed of.

If you want to become a Player then you need to challenge these beliefs that seek to restrain us because as long as we are honest, integral men then we should feel free to sleep with any beautiful women we like, it is our biolgical right as alpha males.

Become a Player and become an alpha male, don’t let society hold you back from embracing your destiny as a capable man.

When you approach beautiful women with confidence, a strong approach mentality and an alpha male attitude then whatever you say to the girl that you approach doesn’t matter because there is a very powerful man behind those words and that is what will make beautiful women go weak at the knees and that is what will make you impossible to resist.

When your head is in the right place, when you approach beautiful women your tone will be Player, your style will be Player and your wit will be Player.

The words themselves will just be background noise to the connection that is happening between you and the beautiful women you are approaching. When you can do this, when you can emit that powerful vibe that all women respond to on an instinctual level, then you wont even need words, one look will be enough.

I know this because I have done this numerous times before. My confidence, my attitude and my mentality is so Player that I have caught the eye of beautiful women when I was out and I have approached them and before they could even open her mouth to say “hi” my lips would be on theirs. They would be kissing me back passionately and that is the kind of seductive power you can only get from being a true Player at heart and having complete confidence in yourself as a man and an alpha male.

Because language has only been around for a few thousand years, alpha males have been seducing beautiful women without words for millions. It’s not what you say that matters it is how you say it, if you even choose to say anything at all.

By Kieran Black

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