Alpha Males – Why Most Women Prefer Older Men

By Kieran Black

Have you ever wondered why so many young beautiful women seem to like dating older men?

When I was growing up and seeing my Dad dating a variety of young beautiful women who were closer to my age than they were to his, it really made me wonder about this well into my adolescence.

My father always seemed to have naturally good game, women liked him and would often laugh at his jokes and flirt with him. One thing I noticed was that he never turned the confidence or charm off and he never backed away from a chance to flirt with young beautiful women.

I remember when I was younger and I would go to the supermarket with him and everytime we went to the check-out if there was a cute girl there, he would always say something to make her laugh and brighten up her day; I think this was probably the best instance I saw of my Dad practicing his game because back then I was a bit too young to be going out to bars and nightclubs with him.

For a long time my Dad seemed to really enjoy living the single life, he dated lots of beautiful women and they were always much younger. He wasn’t rich either, he didn’t have the most stable job or income and he didn’t carry his age particularly well. He was in good shape physically but he looked every year of his age so it’s not like he was a forty year old passing for a thirty year old.

It always puzzled me as I was growing up, how could my old man be able to attract such young beautiful women? He wasn’t exactly the spring chicken he used to be and on top of that he was divorced with two kids, why would these girls want to get involved with him, wouldn’t they want someone their own age?

It wasn’t until I became an adult myself and got involved in the dating and seduction world that I actually came to understand what beautiful women found so attractive about my Dad.

He was an older guy, he had baggage, he didn’t look great on paper but one thing that always stood out about him was that he didn’t have an ounce of self doubt, in fact he is probably the most stubborn head strong guy I know, nobody can tell him he is wrong about anything and he has the confidence of a rock star.

Not only that, my Dad was also a typical alpha male, where ever he went he didn’t take sh*t from anyone and I never saw anyone disrespect my father in front of me.

To these young beautiful women, my Dad’s alpha male attitude and confidence alone were enough to make them want him.

He was like the silverback gorilla of the pack, he might not be as strong, agile or handsome than the other men who were his competition but he only knew what it was like to be an alpha male at the top of his game, so even though his body was becoming weaker and less attractive with age, his mentality remained that of a winner, of an alpha male.

So my Dad was a shining example of an older guy in his late forties being able to date lots of beautiful women who were still in their twenties. Many of these girls weren’t even born yet when was just becoming an adult, many of them were young enough to be his daughters and when I put it like that, I bet it sounds a bit perverse but the fact of the matter is, it’s all to common for guys like my Dad.

It’s not just any older guy that young beautiful women want to date either, they always have a lot of confidence and maturity that has come with age and experience.

For young women who are tired of dating boys who don’t know what it means to be a man, an older guy with wisdom and inner strength in his years can seem like a very attractive prospect.

One thing that women look for in men, that men don’t often look for in women, is power.

An older man who is a confident leader and is used to giving orders and commanding the respect of his fellow men, will always be able to attract women. However, how many young men would honestly want to shag Margaret Thatcher or Oprah? Sure some guys would because it would be a great story to tell at the pub but it’s pretty unlikely they would be able to get turned on by the power the same way that some women do.

And this comes back to the alpha male silverback Gorilla mentality, the leader of the pack, the one who is perceived to be the strongest both mentally and physically will always attract lots of females. However for us humans, living in a society where physical prowess is no longer such a strong determining factor, what it really comes down to is confidence and attitude.

Most women prefer older men, that is a fact. Whether it be a couple of years or a couple of decades, that just comes down to the individual and the reason is simple… Women will always feel more sexual attraction for those that they consider to be alpha male, since older males are usually more alpha and command more respect from society than younger males, the perception is that by dating an older man they are dating a man who has higher status in society.

However… It is fully possibly for younger men to have similar status but only if they have the sophisticated attitudes of older alpha men. One way of getting that as a younger man is ensuring that you get as much experience as possible so that you will develop maturity and confidence naturally.

Players, tend to date women of all ages, older, younger, it doesn’t matter, because they have the mentality of an alpha male that usually comes with age and even if a woman is considerably older than them, they will still often see them as an alpha male and therefore a sexual prospect and their age quite often becomes irrelevant.

So when it comes down to it, are women in society really attracted to older males, or, are they just attracted to alpha males?

It is my belief that this is a big misconception held by society. No woman would choose an older male over a younger male on the basis of looks alone, they would however choose him on the basis of his personality.

Just think of Hugh Hefner and his many girlfriends. They had no shortage of young potential suitors but they chose to date Hugh Hefner because of his social status and perceived alpha male qualities.

Hugh could offer them things that their younger suitors could not, his wealth and his confidence allows him to give off the perception of being an alpha male and regardless of his age, he is still attractive to some girls because of it.

Anyone can become an alpha male, they don’t need to wait until they get older to get the girls their age that are going for older guys now.

If they can adopt the mentality and wisdom that comes with age by pushing themselves to get the experience now that others wait decades to accumulate, then as young men we can have the pulling power of older men, it just takes a bit of courage and initiative.

Make the decision and commitment to become a player, push yourself to become alpha male; these are your best days now, not later.

By Kieran Black

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