Seducers Mentality

I have noticed that the most common issue that many Players have, is that there is a discernible lack of the proper seducers mentality.

There is a popular quote that goes as follows, “Be wary of you’re thoughts because you thoughts become you words, you’re words become you’re actions, you’re actions become you’re habits, you’re habits become you’re character and you’re character becomes you’re destiny”.

That quote alone explains why it is so important to have a good mindset  (thoughts) in the order that is going to bring about the results you are seeking.

If you want to be like and loved by beautiful women; think, speak and act like you like and love women.

Too many guys are letting the arrogant, cocky mentality they read up on in some book or on some pick up artist forum be the main reason they aren’t having the success they desire. Sure some women have sex with the cocky ass hole but only growing to resent them and the decision they made shortly after. And the worse part is, most men take the cocky attitude to an extreme and it is nothing but a complete turn-off for beautiful women.

Every man that I have ever known that women just seemed to fall in love with and drool over had one thing in common. They all had this deep love and infatuation for women.

One great example is the infamous rapper, ‘Tupac Shakur’. Disregard some of his lyrics and the character he played to sell record to the main-stream world for a second and take a look at his mentality.

Here goes a direct quote from him when he was asked about how he feels about women. ” I love women, I am not going to lie, I love women with a passion. I do I do, some times I wanna call prince and say ‘ can we hang out?’ because i love women the way he loves women… I love them a lot, i can get with women on any level.

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A Seducer Who Loves Women

You can literally see the emotion and truthfulness  in his eyes when he is answering this question. Another example is Russell Brand, Former known recovered sex and drug addict who is known to have slept with hundred of women. Here goes a direct quote from part 3 of his interview with Larry King ” I was really good in bed because I was committed to it because of this ferocious deep love of femininity, of women and of there anatomy. I love the colors of there bodies, the aromas of a women, I love them, i love them, I love the varieties…” He continues and goes on in on about this love he has for women.

So as you can see, two men that have clearly been with a lot of beautiful women share this same exact love and infatuation with women. I hear men say all the time that you should never put a women on a pedestal. I think that this is totally misinterpretted by guys; I don’t feel like you should ever let a women or anyone for that matter dictate your actions or cause you to compromise how you feel about yourself and others, however I share a deep love for women and I am seeking to make this love deeper each and everyday.

I love women with every ounce of my being and I idolize them to a large degree. Be gentle with women, have fun with them and show them how much you love women. Anyone that loves women will be in return deeply loved by women.

I am not desperate for women, I love them whether I have them in my life or not. My love for women is rooted into the core of my being and that is something that no circumstance or person is ever going to change. When you approach a beautiful woman with the sincere and deep love for them, their complexities and their bodies, they will open up to you in ways they have never opened up to any man ever before.

Learn to love and appreciate the existent of women and everything they contribute to the world and women will surround themselves arround you. Figure out what you have to offer women; open up and receive their femininity and offer them your masculinity  Take a moment and write down all the reasons and all the things you love about women.

Put as much effort into it as you can, write for hours upon hours if you have to; the rewards from completing this task will be well worth it. Read this list to yourself over and over again; to the point where you can recite it from memory. Ingrain this new found love for women into your thoughts and as the quote above states, your words and actions will follow up after it.

Just remember that your life purpose comes ahead of any women and any relationship. Your lifes purpose is the reason you are on earth and should be at the forefront of your mind.

Admit to you’re self that if you had to choose one or the other, the perfect intimate relationship or achieving your higher purpose, you would choose to succeed at your higher purpose.

This self knowledge often relieves much of the pressure a man feels to prioritize his relationships when in fact, it is not his highest priority. Love women with all of your being; just remember why it is you are living each and every day. A man on a mission is a lot more seductive than a man waiting for a mission to find him.

By Eddie Fews


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