A Real Player Doesn’t Blame The Game


One thing that I constantly find astounding is the reluctance of individuals to take responsibility for their own lives and communities. When something goes wrong, when people try to change something and they experience resistance; the first thing they do is blame the “System”.

This mentality is completely okay for your average Joe, who is committed to living an average life. Average Joe has no control of his destiny; he simply passes through life year after year, decade after decade, priding himself in his average achievements, never daring to be a ‘somebody’.

Average Joe complains about the “System”, he is jealous and bitter towards anyone who is a part of the perceived “System”. He convinces himself that if he had real power that he would be different to those he despises, that he would use that money and influence to change the world for the better. Maybe he would, but Average Joe will never know, because all Average Joe will ever do is complain. He might throw the occasional tantrum, carry a placard, march in solidarity with all the other nobodies, but once things calm down, he will go back to being bitter, miserable Average Joe and nothing will have changed.

I’m not going to claim that I approve of the “System”, I am in complete agreement that things need to change.  We are living in an age of decadence, materialism and inequality. Our environment, our planet is crumbling under the epidemic of mindless human expansionism; and I am 100% to blame.

It is entirely my fault. I take responsibility. I am guilty as charged.proetester

If there are things that I don’t like about this world, then it is my responsibility to change them. If I truly oppose the “System”, then it us up to me, and me alone to take control of it. How many protestors do you think are willing to do what is necessary to become the leaders of today? The wrong people have power because the right people haven’t had the balls to take it for themselves.

When someone says to me “Prime Minister blah blah has done this, this and this”, I ask them “So what are you doing about it?” (Note: I’m from Australia, we have Prime Ministers not Presidents) You would be amazed how many people don’t have a real answer for that question. I’m not trying to be a Dick to them either. I fully understand that as it is, the Democratic process has changed a lot since its inception in Ancient Athens to favour the ruling class, but the truth of the matter is, we have allowed this to happen and any one of us could do something to change it if we wanted it enough.

Now I’m not here to lecture you on politics. As it is, I have little time for it myself. I found a way to work within the “System”; I have acquired the lifestyle, wealth and influence that I always desired and it is ultimately the result of me realizing that complaining was getting me nowhere in a hurry.

Let me ask you this. If you could pick only one thing to complain about, what would it be?

If I told you, you could never complain about it ever again, what would you do?

You now have an ultimatum.

You can either A. Stop complaining about it and forget about it, or B. You can do something about it.

Which option do you think Average Joe would take? Which option do you think a Player would take?

When guys complain to me about women, it seems pathetic.

“Women are whores, women are bitches, and women want bad guys.” I’m sure you’ve all heard it before, either through your own lips or from the mouths of others. This is the sound of a man resigning himself to the fate of the system. This is the sound of a loser.

Women are never the problem. The “System” is never the problem. If you have something you don’t like or want to change but you lack the courage and conviction to change it, then YOU are the problem, no-one else is to blame. Everything that you hate about the world is on you. Anyone you hate, whatever the reason, whatever they did to you, it’s on you. You are the only one who can make things right for you. The world doesn’t owe us a thing. The world is indifferent; it will keep on spinning with or without us.

A real Player never blames the game. A real Player changes the game, and then he wins. Pick your biggest complaint, forget all the others, and make your decision. If you ever hear yourself complaining again, shut your mouth and remember this. Winners never complain, winners say what’s wrong and then they fix it.

By Kieran Black

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