A Persistent Pick Up At A New York City Subway Station

After a long night of approaching women and partying I had
finally burned out and was ready to head home. I made my way
into the subway station and took a seat in what appeared to be
an empty room. I’m sitting slouched, with my elbow pointed into
my thigh so that my right arm and palm have leverage to hold up
my head. I’m in “thinking” position, except I’m not thinking;
I’m tired, the alcohol has worn off and I have one image in my mind… My BED.


As the room begins to darken from my eyelids slowing shutting
I am sent a jolt up my spine that causes me to sit up right
immediately. A sweet scent had crept into my nostrils and as I
turn into the direction of it I spot beautiful women draped in
a exorbitant pink dress. She had taken a seat on the opposite
side of the bench that I was sitting on. I quickly scanned her
with my eyes and just as I finished, a group of teenagers had
entered the station and they were all tapping each other an
pointing at how attractive she is. The leader of the group
tried to get my attention and once we made eye contact he
gestured that I should talk to her; as if I wasn’t a half of a
second away from saying something before he interrupted me. I
smiled at him and then motioned my hand over to the girl in
pink that was sitting four feet from where the teens were
standing. No response.. She must not of saw it, so I spoke ”
Hey, how was your night”… Nothing. Now I can accept
rejection, but I can’t accept rejection from someone who
hasn’t even taken the time to look at me and see what they’re
about to miss out on. I feel that if a woman can look at me,
spot my smile, and still say “no” or ignore me then she must
not be too right in the head, but that’s just my arrogance

I continued..

” Helllloooooo” I tried my best to place the sexiest look I
could across my tired drunken face in case she then decided to
take a look, but I was ignored once again. At the moment the
leader from the group of teenagers had grown some courage an
leaned into her and said ” How are you going to ignore my
friend like that “. I instantly turned to him shaking my head ”
no no no” – don’t bring me into this and I’m not your friend.
Now I didn’t say this, but I think he saw it in my eyes because
he stopped and left her alone. After a couple minutes of silence him

and his friends walked to the other end of the platform to go tag
graffiti on the walls I believe. Now its just her and I, and I’m willing to
give her one last opportunity to take advantage of what is  in front of
her right now.
I assess her body language one last time and something says to me
” There is no way this girl has a boyfriend, acting like that.”

So I speak to her again as if I know her ” You don’t have a
boyfriend do you.”

This comment practically made her jump in her seat and she instantly
turned to me to see who I was. I was smiling like always
thinking ” Gotcha ” and I followed up my original statement with
a question ” Don’t you want to have a boyfriend one day? ”
She responds ” Wait.. what do you mean? ”
Her body language has become completely receptive to me. She
turned into my direction, open, and eagerly waiting on the next
few words that are about to utter from my lips.
” How do you expect to meet anyone decent when you shut
yourself off to the world? Do you want to meet all the men you
date at work or a bar? I thought girls liked love stories. What
sounds better – I met him a work or I met this guy four AM at
the train station who was persistent after I kept ignoring him?”
We both agreed that the “I met him at work/school or a bar”
stories are too cliche and boring.

The fierce “too cool for school” chick that had walked into the
train station earlier had become a one year little girl,
excited that she is on the verge of taking her first few steps.
I moved closer to her on the bench and the next thing you
know we were in a deep conversation about the meaning of
love and relationships. The train had arrived, we’re sitting
together talking, my arms is around her, and to the
surrounding people I’m sure it looks as if we are a couple.
15 minutes into the train ride she lets me know that she is
one stop away. I tell her ” You can’t be, my place isn’t for
another seven stops”. She laughs it off, give me the ” You’re
such a bad boy” look, and makes some silly excuse for why
she couldn’t come home with me. We exchange numbers, I
make other reference to her coming back to my place, she
says she “can’t”, so I have her kiss both my cheeks and finally
a peck on the lips before she exits the train.

I close my eyes and lean my head onto the pole next to me;
tired and ready to go to bed. And just as I fall asleep, another
female scent makes its way to me, and this one is coming from
a girl sitting directly next to me. I awake out of my slumber,
sit up right, and say ” hey “… But that is a whole nother story
within itself.

I truly believe that fifty percent of the rejections you’ll receive when you’re out meeting women have nothing to do with them not being interesting in you. Sometimes they’re not in a good mood, others they may not of heard you when you spoke, but most of the time they are just as nervous as you, and fear  ” Not knowing what to say” or they’re afraid of having a possible “awkward moment”. Women are people too and in a lot of instances a little persistence will take you a long way.

Eddie Fews


New York City’s Dating & Seduction Consultant: Eddie Fews. For coaching and consultation email me: EddieFews@WayOfThePlayer.com and you will be contacted by me or one of my representatives within 24 Hours.

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  • Fredrick

    Wowerz! lol Thaats a great story – I aspire to have that much confidence.