Supermarket Pick Up – 6 Great Tips

The art of Supermarket Pick Up

On Saturday night I was out in the city with the ‘The Melbourne Wolfpack’. We were talking about the different strategies you might use for seducing beautiful women in different environments.

One of those places mentioned was the supermarket and it occurred to me this morning as I was sitting at my desk that none of the writers in the Way Of The Player community have covered that topic.

So as someone who has experience and success in this particular facet of game, I felt compelled to share some tips with my fellow bro’s on approaching and seducing beautiful women in the Supermarket.

Supermarket Pick Up Tip 1. Assess The Situation

Even though, any place where there are men and women can potentially be a pick up venue, the Supermarket is generally one of those places where beautiful women go expecting not to be bothered.

When most beautiful women go to the supermarket, men and sex are often the last things on their minds. They might not be in the mood to be approached and chatted up by men.

That doesn’t mean you can’t put them in the mood but you have to be charming and tactful about it. Make sure you assess the situation properly before you jump in and start chatting them up.

-Is she their with her husband or kids?

-Is she shopping for feminine hygiene products?

-Does she look like she’s in a real rush?

Taking a few seconds to check around for things like this might save you a bit of time but don’t spend so long assessing the situation that you don’t actually approach, this shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds.

Supermarket Pick Up Tip 2. Approach Tactfully

When you approach beautiful women in a Supermarket make sure they can see you coming because if you come up behind them, then you’ll probably give them a fright and this is a bad way to start a conversation.

Make eye contact with the girl before you can approach if possible, if not, then make sure she can at least see you out of her peripheral vision. If you get a smile then that is a flashing green light and even if you don’t get a wink or a smile, you’re a man, so approach her anyway and charm the pants off of her.

A really good time to approach a girl in the supermarket is when she is trying to make up her mind about what to buy. If you see a girl looking indecisive about which pasta sauce to put on her noodles then step in and make a recommendation (even if you have no idea what you’re talking about).

Even better, if you are looking at something in the same section, then ask her for her recommendation and then you can turn it into a dinner invitation.

You can always wait until you’re in the check out line to approach beautiful women but then you are working within a very limited time frame and it’s pretty hard to get a number out of her when she is talking between you and the bag lady.

Whatever you do, don’t follow a girl out to the car park and make an approach, otherwise you might get maced.

Beautiful women often find car parks quite intimidating especially if it’s at night. If you both happen to be loading up your cars next to one another then by all means go for it but otherwise best to make it happen in the comfort of the Supermarket.

Supermarket Pick Up Tip 3. Don’t Be Intrusive

Beautiful women don’t get approached all the time in a supermarket and when they do, they can be caught off guard sometimes by men with the confidence to approach and this can make them nervous.

A lot of the things that she keeps in her trolley are made for her home environment and some of them can be a bit embarrassing. Think of a shopping trolley like a giant handbag for women, the items within it pertain to their individual person and it’s private.

So when we have approached our beautiful supermarket girl we want to avoid being intrusive and looking through the personal items in her trolley while we’re talking to her because there is a good chance that this might make her uncomfortable and feel like she wants to move on to save her personal embarrassment.

Supermarket Pick Up Tip 4. Keep The Conversation Light

You’re in a Supermarket, this is a public place and a pretty casual environment. Don’t expect to have any deep and meaningful conversations here and don’t try to. Keep it light and flirty.

Unlike bars and nightclubs beautiful women generally don’t ‘hang out’ at Supermarkets, they are there for a reason and don’t a have a lot of time to stand around chatting; so definitely show her that you’re interested but keep the conversation friendly and flirty until you feel the time is right to ask for her number.

If you get carried away talking about University life or the starving children of Sudan then it will probably weaken your ability to turn it flirty again and get her number or ask her out. Instead just try and make her laugh and show her you think she’s an interesting attractive woman.

If you have the confidence to approach her in the first place then that’s impressive enough as it is, you don’t need to beat around the bush for too long, just have your flirty conversation then grab her number and part ways.

It’s pretty hard to get laid in a Supermarket so getting a hot girls number is a definite win.

Supermarket Pick Up Tip 5. Don’t Be Sleazy

Try to avoid fondling melons and bananas suggestively… Don’t point to the condoms and lubricants section and ask her ‘How about it?’

You’re is a Supermarket, it’s a place where families go to fill up their pantries and fridges; it’s not a sex shop so no matter how much of a dirty minx you might think the girl you’re chatting up might be, keep it polite until you meet up with her for a date.

Supermarket Pick Up Tip 6. Always Chat Up The Cute Checkout Girl

Whether you feel confident enough to ask for her number or not, chatting up the cute girl behind the checkout is a great way to practice your game and if you can make them laugh and bring some fun into their shift then they will remember you for it.

If you don’t at least try to be flirty with the cute checkout girl then that’s a waste of a great opportunity, just because they’re working doesn’t mean they are immune to charming attractive men (that’s you)

If you can get a girl who’s working behind the counter to slip out of ‘work mode’ and talk to you like a normal person and not a ‘customer’ then you’re doing very well and you never know, even if she doesn’t want to give you her number at work, she lives in the area and you might see her out.

Whether they are at the Supermarket, or on the train or at a rock concert, most beautiful women are always open to the idea of meeting and talking with charming funny guys and the more you put yourself out there and approach them, the more likely they are to get to know you.

Every day we have hundreds of opportunities to push ourselves to all new heights, we just don’t realize it because we forget to live in the moment and act on our impulses. Don’t let society’s expectations restrict you from going after the beautiful women you want, when and where you want them.

If a beautiful woman crosses your path and takes your breath away then that is a sign that you need to take action for yourself because that is what the people who acted on that impulse call ‘love at first site’, those that did nothing, the ones that bowed their heads and kept walking, live with the regret of not knowing for the rest of their lives.

By Kieran Black

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