10 Tips For Dating Multiple Women

player with multiple girlfriends

By Kieran Black

A big part of being a player is having the mentality that you are an alpha male and as an alpha male you should be having sex with lots of beautiful women; optionally after years of doing this we can just have lots of sex with one very beautiful woman who appreciates us but that is only because we were a player first and we know how to handle beautiful women.

This means that when we are single we should be reluctant to commit ourselves to one girl until she has proven that she is worthy of us; since most women are not truly worthy of us, the best way of finding our dream girl is to date lots of beautiful women casually and non-exclusively until we find the one that we want to date exclusively.

The mistake that a lot of men make it that they try to date a small amount of girls exclusively making a habit of committing themselves to bad relationships and end up marrying some obnoxious tart who makes their lives hell simply because they were never willing to explore their full potential as a Player.

To give you some insight I am going to compare beautiful women to fast food, a strange analogy I know, but its lunch time and that’s all I can think of right now.

Most people have tried MacDonalds at least once in their lives and most people like it. It tastes great, it’s not too expensive, it’s convenient; you get service with a smile. But, could you imagine eating MacDonalds every day for the rest of your life?

If you had never eaten anything but MacDonalds you probably wouldn’t mind so much but what if you got a taste of something a bit different, what if someone offered you a bit of their KFC chicken drumstick and you loved it? Could you really go back to eating nothing but MacDonalds again?

You would always be curious about that KFC and knowing that there are other tastes out there, you would probably want to try a lot more stuff, I mean KFC is just the tip of the iceberg.

This is what happens when a man commits to every relationship, he wakes up one day and realises that MacDonalds suddenly tastes like crap and there is a whole massive world out there full of all types of amazing cuisine. This is why so many couples are getting divorced these days, this is why so many men are having mid life crisis’s and cheating with their young hot secretaries. The ‘not knowing’ drives them mad with desire and when confronted with an ‘All you can eat buffet’ they simply can’t help themselves.

This is why it is better to be a player, this is why it is better to date lots of beautiful women before you settle down because unlike all those other shmucks out there we’ve already sampled all the best cuisines, we already know what else is out there and therefore we know a good meal when we find one.

Here are 10 tips for dating multiple beautiful women; it is easier than most men think. All it takes is the right attitude and the integrity to stick to your own rules.

1. Always establish the boundaries.

If you want to date more than one girl at a time then it is absolutely crucial that you establish the boundaries with these girls early on in your relationship otherwise they will be entitled to think that you are being unfaithful even if you never agreed to be her boyfriend.

By establishing the relationship boundaries and letting your intentions be known she cannot justifiably be angry at you for seeing other girls because she chose to continue seeing you under the conditions which were agreed upon.

In this modern day and age it is becoming more and more common to meet women who do not expect or want to be in a serious relationship, therefore it is now quite common for women to agree to enter a relationship on the proviso that it will be of a casual and non-committal nature.

The catch 22 here is, it is very rare for both parties to be able to endure a long term casual relationship and be able to keep their feelings completely in check. If we like someone and spend a lot of time with them it is only natural that a craving for intimacy will develop.

Therefore we need to ensure that we stick to the boundaries we originally created so we don’t unwittingly enter into a relationship we never really wanted in the first place.

2. Always practice safe sex.

I don’t want to sound like your seventh grade teacher here but this is quite an important issue not just because of the health implications of unsafe sex but also the social implications, both are generally very bad for your game.

If you are in a long-term relationship with one girl then you can generally afford for your girlfriend to ‘go on the pill’ and you can have unprotected sex so long as you have both been tested.

However, if you’re seeing multiple women casually and practicing unsafe sex with all of them then it is very likely you may end up catching an STI (Sexually Transmitted Illness) and spreading it to the other girls you are seeing or chances are, you will eventually get one of the girls you are seeing pregnant.

In either scenario the bottom line is ‘Game Over’ and you will have some very serious problems to deal with. Play it safe, be intelligent about it and you can keep having your fun for as long as you like.

3. No excessively romantic dates.

Even if you made it crystal clear from the beginning that you want a casual relationship and nothing more, if you start taking one or all of these women on romantic dates then they are bound to get the wrong idea.

As much as we like to keep girls interested we don’t want them to fall in love with us or consider us as more than a fun fling. By taking girls on expensive romantic dates we are giving off the impression that we are looking for more than casual fun and if they don’t leave because things are getting too serious they will likely go the other way and expect the two of you to go solo.

If you want to keep seeing multiple women then keep your dates modest and casual so there is no confusion as to your intentions.

4. No sleep over’s.

Whatever happens no matter how late it gets or how inconvenient it may be, once you start having sleep over’s at each other’s houses you are beginning to become a couple and this is bad for business.

Once you let them sleep over once you run the risk of it becoming routine and next thing you know they are sleeping over all the time. The best thing to do is to just never let it happen at the first place.

If you guys make up rules before you keep seeing each other i.e. if you have established that you are fuck buddies or something similar then you will generally have a chance to make this rule apparent. Otherwise it might be easier for you to make up a good excuse like “I can’t sleep properly when there are other people in the bed”, it is not ideal and she probably won’t believe it but it’s better than just bluntly kicking her out on her ass. Girls hate to feel used and abused.

5. Show them you appreciate them.

In order for this arrangement to work you need to make every girl feel like she is appreciated and you have your own special friendship with them. Remind them that you like them and respect them and tell them they are beautiful and you are glad to know them.

Showing a girl you appreciate her is not the same as telling a girl that you love her or want a relationship. It is just showing her that you are not only using her as a sex toy and that you value the friendship/relationship that you have together, even though you don’t necessarily want to be in a monogamous relationship with her.

Letting her know that you consider her a friend is crucial to you being able to sustain multiple long-term relationships simply because attaching the friend label to your relationship allows her to justify it to herself and her friends. You are just friends with extras and there is nothing wrong with you hooking up with other girls.

However, if she places the label boyfriend/girlfriend on your relationship then you are a lying, cheating, and manipulative man-whore. So make sure that she sees your relationship in the right light.

6. Don’t get cocky

The worst thing you can do is get cocky once you start seeing more than one girl. As soon as girls sense that guys are getting a big head or taking them for granted, they just love to take you down a notch and you do not want this.

Keep a level head about it and don’t go bragging to everyone about how much of a Pimp Daddy you are because it will always come back to bite you in the ass and also put off prospective new love interests from getting involved with you.

If other men or women ask about your love life just say that you are dating a couple of girls but it’s nothing serious. This implies that you have modesty and discretion which is essential to maintaining a casual sexual relationship.

7. Don’t get jealous of other guys.

You simply cannot have your cake and eat it too. If you want to have ownership over a girl then you need to be prepared to be monogamous because unless you are some kind of Arabian Sheik then chances are the girls you are seeing will want to keep their options open too.

That being said, naturally we want to have as many girls as possible doting on us and only us. This is why it’s essential that we never get jealous of other men.

If a girl you are seeing thinks you are jealous of another man then in her eyes you consider him to be a worthy adversary and therefore she starts to think that he might be something special as well and you have just done this guy a massive favour.

By getting jealous you have also shown her that you are a hypocrite and this will make her lose a lot of respect for you. If she thinks that it bothers you then chances are she will consider hooking up with this guy just to assert her independence in the relationship.

You do not want any of these things to happen so whatever happens never show jealousy to a woman they can smell it like wolves smell fear.

8. Don’t let them leave their things.

Women will often purposefully leave their possessions at the houses of men they are interested in having a future with. Normally it starts with hair ties or a toothbrush and finishes with a mortgage and two screaming toddlers.

Miscellaneous female items left behind also serve to ward off other females, whom upon seeing them will think that you are cheating and this makes them significantly more reluctant to get sexual with you if they think that you belong to someone else.

They also provide the girls with a convenient excuse to come back and see you and sometimes we don’t particularly want them to come back and see us, especially if they were a bad lay.

Therefore, before they leave after the sexytime, we ask them if they have all their stuff and then we do a quick sweep of our room to make sure they haven’t left anything behind.

This is also another reason why you should wash your sheets, sometimes girls can leave other non-possession things behind, in particular they can leave long hairs and sometimes even love stains on your bed, so make sure this is all cleaned up before you bring your next lady friend over.

9. Don’t mention the elephant in the room.

You are in a non-committal relationship, she already knows or suspects that you are seeing other girls but that doesn’t mean it is up for discussion.

When you are with her never ever talk about the other girls you are seeing unless she asks you and even then try to be as curt and discreet as possible.

As soon as you begin to discuss the intricacies of your relationship with her and your relationship with other girls, you will inevitably start negotiating the terms and you will probably find yourself suddenly locked into a relationship with unfavourable terms.

For instance, if you are dating multiple women but she is not and you start discussing your relationship with her, then she will likely say that it is unfair that you are dating other people when she is not and will probably either demand that you two go solo or she will make it her mission to start seeing other guys.

However, if you never even mention it, if you don’t point out the elephant in the room so to speak then she will likely be happy to remain blissfully ignorant of your relations with other women and is more likely to stick to the original terms of your relationship.

This is why when we want to keep things fun and casual, we never ever mention the elephant in the room because once the words have been spoken there is no taking them back.

10. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

So you are quite the player, you have a perpetual stream of beautiful women in your life and life is good.

You choose to date multiple beautiful women and you have the ability to seduce more at will, some may come and others will go and when this happens you need to make sure you don’t let it get to you and you can’t take it too seriously.

Beautiful women are not possessions, they cannot be invested in a bank or traded with friends or sold on E-bay. You do not own them. Therefore you should’nt get upset like you would if you were to lose a tangible item because the moment you start treating them like tangible items you will lose them.

You are a friend with whom they share sexual experiences with that is all. Until you put a ring on their finger you have no claim to ownership. They have other friends who they share other experiences with, like shopping, going to the movies, dancing, just be grateful that you get the sex, don’t make it more than it is, it is just sex.

Don’t take yourself too seriously you are supposed to be having fun, if it isn’t fun then you are doing it wrong and perhaps most importantly if you do meet a girl who you think is really special, think carefully before you pass her up to continue your player lifestyle because regret is the biggest bitch of them all. 

Happy polygamy.

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