10 Tips For A Great First Date

I often hear from women that the majority of their first dates are awkward and uncomfortable. Be it, too many silent moments or lack of commonality. There are a few things that can be done to make sure things go a bit more smoothly.

First Date Tip #1 Get Her On The Phone

Text messages are not for “players”, I repeat text messages are NOT for players.

A phone call is a sure peak into the future of your date. If you and the girl you want to take out on a date are hitting it off extremely well over the phone, then you know the date will be filled with endless conversation. Not everyone is compatible so its best to find out as soon as possible. Text messaging doesn’t allow you to see into who the person you’re taking out actually is; a phone call makes things clear as day. It gives you a direct connection with a woman’s mind. Phone calls also happen to be one of my favorite tools for seduction.

So the night before your date, call the girl up and build some attraction and rapport through conversation. And hey, if you can video chat with her, that’s even better.

First Date Tip #2: Start Things Off On A Good Note

The moment you meet up with your date, be sure to get the ball rolling in a positive direction. This will set the tone for the rest of the night.

Greet your date with a warm smile and a hug. I sometimes even go as far as to bring a gift to the first date. Something small and cheap that has relevance to something we discussed prior to the date.

If you go to the Way of the Player forums and read my journal you will see a prime example of what I am talking about. I had a first date set up, and the day of the date, the girl calls me and says ” So what time are we meeting for our first date?” I replied ” haha who told you this was a date” she goes ” so what is it then, our first anniversary?” I replied ” nope, its our second”

So right before meeting up with her I went into the local stationary store and bought her a card that said ” happy Anniversary”. When she received it she fell to the floor in laughter and the rest was history.

First Date Tip #3. Choose Your Spots Wisely

Be careful of dinner dates and movie dates. This often creates oppurtunies for the dreaded ‘akward silence’. And movie dates don’t allow you the time you need to get to know the girl. Save the dinner and movies for date 5 or 6.

Also, if you want to take a girl out to a bar make sure it’s not the jam packed bars you go to with you’re buddies to pick up chicks.

Instead choose a bar that has very few people inside, that way you and your girl can hear yourselves talk.

And also, if you’re new to the whole dating thing, pay for the drinks. You wouldn’t believe how many guys get caught in a douche-bag jam trying to imitate the role of some alpha male they read about on some PUA website.

Its best to have a selection of multiple events taking place with different scenery which can all stimulate and bring out different conversation topics.

My last date involved us meeting at a coffee shop, I grabbed a coffee to go and went to this famous New York city park full of art(conversation topics) as well as musicians playing all over. And I topped it off by taking a “taxi” (more scenery) to this outside movie showing where we sat on the grass and watched a film.

First Date Tip #4. Go For The Kiss

Going for the kiss displays confidence and builds attraction. When a girl rejects your attempt at kissing her, very rarely does she mean “no”; 9 times out of 10 all she is saying is “not yet”, which means it’s safe try again but in a little bit.

I usually end up going for the kiss 3 times before actually landing it. The key is to be nonreactive or flash a playful smile whenever you are rejected from the kiss. Getting bent out of shape about it only confirms to her that she may be a little too much for you to handle.

First Date Tip #5. Take The Lead

Make sure that from the very beginning that you establish yourself as a decisive leader and make her feel like she is coming along for the ride rather than driving the car.

For instance, if there is ever a moment where you are both unsure of where to go, rather than waiting for her to take the lead and tell you what to do, make sure you step up first with an idea, even if you think it’s not a great idea, it is better than putting her in a position where she needs to take charge. You are the man, this is your job.

Also, don’t be afraid to be chivalrous, this is actually a subtle way of establishing yourself as the man and the leader in the dynamic. Open the door for her, pull her seat out, pay the bill, make her feel like a helpless female and she will look upon you like a strong capable man.

First Date Tip #6. There Is No Need To Text “I had fun”

Do yourself a favor and leave a little mystery lingering after your very first date. There is no need to text ” I had fun” or “I can’t wait to do this again” If you had fun, it would be obvious based on how the date went; there is no need to verbalize this.

First Date Tip #7. Dating Costs Money

Contrary to what a lot of Pick Up Artist sites will tell you, dating costs money.

We live in a world where money gives us freedom and choice. The walk around the park date is only going to fly a couple times before it gets boring and played out.

You want to have experienced and introduce your date to new things and new places. This is how you will be remembered.

Therefore if you’re unemployed, it’s best to not get you’re self to heavily involved with any commitments. It often always end in disappointment. Before you consider seriously dating anyone, make sure you have you’re life together first.

First Date Tip #8 Look Your Date In The Eyes

The eyes truely are the windows to the soul, so be sure to maintain eye contact with your date.

It brings about a sort of comfort and the date will feel like you are there with them in the present moment. Eye contact is also the way two people connect without words. I have had cases where we would have awkward silences throughout the date only to realize that I hadn’t been looking my date in the eyes. Simple eye contact can allow your date to settle down and be a bit more comfortable hanging with you.

First Date Tip #9 Learn a joke or Riddle

Whenever I find my self in a jam during a date I almost always rely on my own personal arsenal of jokes and riddles to stimulate some laughter which usually drives the conversation into other areas. Jokes and riddles are good things to learn anyway whether you’re out with a group of guys or a hot date. Its gets the ball rolling and the other parties are likely to contribute a few of there own.

First Date Tip #10 Practice Makes Perfect

You are never going to nail every date you take out but the more you do it the better you will become at it.

With enough experience you can learn to become comfortable in silent moments which is usually all it takes for new conversation topics to rise to the forefront of you mind. If you are looking for a relationship you don’t just want to settle for the first attractive girl you see, date a couple different girls and see what they have to offer. This will assist you in making a healthier decision

Dating can be a lot of fun and really enjoyable and if you follow the tips listed above then I  have no doubt that your success rate with first dates will vastly improve. Happy dating.

By Eddie FEWS


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