10 Things A Player Should Never Do

beautiful women are not attracted to lazy men

As well as understanding what kinds of behaviours a player should partake of, it is also essential that as a player you are aware of the types of behaviour you should not indulge in; this will help you get to where you want to be quicker because you will not go through many of the rookie mistakes and set backs that most men do.

So we have put together the top 10 things that a player should never do, if he wants to ensure his own personal success as both a man and a talented seducer.


1. Leave the house in less than your best.

As a Player it is vital to assume that you are always in the spotlight, always being observed, always critiqued. When you step out of home for work or play or even just to go down to the shops to get some milk, make sure you are well dressed and groomed and ready for beautiful women to check you out.

You never know who you might come across once you step outside but if you are physically and mentally prepared for them, then you will have the confidence to take advantage of opportunities to attract and seduce beautiful women where lesser men would not.

If you are wearing ugly sweatpants, furry slippers and a 2 day old t-shirt, you can get away with bumming around at home but as a player your social image is absolutely vital to your success so you should never risk damaging it because you’re too lazy to do your washing. If you can’t go out looking your best then don’t go out at all.

2. Strike or cause harm to a woman.

It is not only very immoral to harm vulnerable women, it is also detrimental to your overall sex appeal. Once a man gets labelled as a misogynist and beater of women that label will stick with him always, just look at the case of Chris Brown and Rhianna; no matter what you do to make up for it you will always be seen as the sick sadist who hurts women.

Many women can also sense when men are particularly dangerous and violent and although some disturbed women are turned on by this fear, most worthwhile women are turned off by it and want to be around men with whom they feel safe and can count on to take care of them.

3. Refer to women as a sex in a disrespectful way.

When a man refers to women as some derogatory label such as ‘bitches’ and ‘sluts’ it indicates some residual misogyny and a lack of empathy and understanding with women; some might even call it social retardation.

If an individual girl is particularly awful to you or someone you know then you can call her whatever you like, however, it’s recommended to keep it reasonably civil as using very aggressive and extreme language against a girl could be construed by some women as having a wider hatred of women.

Just remember whatever derogatory label you might place on women, your mother is one, your sister, your grandmother and one day you might have a daughter who is one; how would you feel if some guy was referring to them as ho’s and bitches?

4. Tell a lie.

As a general rule we want to avoid telling lies to women, it doesn’t do us any favours at all.

Every lie you tell is a lie you will need to remember and this will give you a mental burden to carry, the more lies you tell the heavier the burden until you are so consumed with trying to validate and perpetuate your lie and adding to the weight of the burden you become so weighed down by it you eventually drown in your own lies and the truth comes out in the worst way possible.

There are some circumstances where it may be appropriate to lie, these are called white lies and even the holiest and purest of us tell them on a daily basis.

For instance if a girl asks you if her ass looks fat in a new dress she is wearing, even if her backside looks like a Burmese Python strangling a Hippopotamus the correct answer is always ‘no’.

White lies are acceptable because they are told with good intentions to protect people from getting hurt emotionally or physically, if you are unsure of where the line is drawn, a white lie is a lie that no-one could reasonably be angry or disapointed in you for telling.

5. Lose control.

As a man you want to be solid like a rock and always in control, once you loose control you loose all your power in a social interaction; ensure you keep yourself calm and your mind clear in stressfull situations, it doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun but rather when you do, you know what you’re doing and you have a plan.

This is why what you learn through the Way of the Player community is essential because it’s lessons will teach you how to know what to expect, how to be prepared for it and if something doesn’t go how you expect it, you will possess the mental tools to handle it like a true player.

6. Idolise a girl.

Beautiful women are flesh and blood creatures just like anyone else you know, some start off prettier than others but they all end up saggy and wrinkly in the end and what you might idolize today you will grimace at tommorrow.

Beautiful women are accustomed to being treated like divine creatures that can do no wrong and epitomise beauty, most men don’t look beyond the pretty veneer to the scared and vulnerable person inside but those who can and do end up taking them home at the end of the night.

The surest way to eliminate yourself as a potential mate is to let her think she’s way to good for you and you are beneath her.

Learn to look past women’s physical beauty and treat them like flawed ordinary people, elevate yourself to her level because beneath the glowing exterior they are all flawed, vulnerable and in search of true love and no-one is better than you.

7. Take yourself too seriously.

Do not take life too seriously.  You will never get out of it alive.  ~Elbert Hubbard

Beautiful women want to feel relaxed, entertained and intrigued when talking to guys they are considering getting jiggy with, serious people rarely instill those feelings in others and are no fun to be around.

As important as it is to be honorable and integral you also need to be able to relax and laugh; quite often at your own expense.

Treat life and seduction as a game to be played and enjoyed, with the teachings of Way of the Player the rules are simplified and the path to improvement and excellance clear and concise.

The goal of Way of the Player is to create more pleasure, enjoyment and satisfaction in peoples lives so one of the primary focuses is fun.

If a seduction doesn’t go exactly the way you planned or you outright fail, then learn to laugh about it, there is light and humour in everything. If you don’t know whether to laugh or cry, then laugh.

8. Back away from a good challenge.

A real Player goes after the girls he really wants, he doesn’t settle for second best.

If you see a beautiful girl who takes your breath away surrounded by better looking guys then use your intelligence and ‘player guile’ to get them away from her don’t cross her off the list.

The harder your target the greater the reward, you wont get any better by picking off the weak stragglers, you need to go for first prize everytime. If you try and fail at winning first prize then you will still have a much better shot at winning second than if you had done nothing.

Even if you choose a challenging target and fail, a lot of women will think there’s something pretty special about you to put yourself in that league in the first place and they would feel a lot better being the contingency to the super hot girl than being the contingency to some fugly troll.

If you are not willing to go after what you want in the first place then you definately don’t deserve it, so start giving yourself challenges, the harder the better, there is no better way to improve your skills and subsequently your sex appeal.

9. Use a pickup line.

Pick up lines were cheesy in the 70’s and they are still cheesy now. Even if a pickup line might sound funny when you hear it, girls wont think it’s cute or attractive when you try and use it to pick them up, they will think you are lame and sleazy.

In the modern dating and seduction world, beautiful women crave originality and they want to be swept off their feet. Women love it when a man boldly goes above and beyond their expectations to impress them; there is nothing more attractive to a woman than a man who has complete confidence in himself and complete conviction in his seduction of her.

Women love to brag to their friends and talk about the interesting ways that guys have tried to pick them up and they are a lot more likely to consider you for the long term if there were interesting circumstances leading to the two of you getting together; so when they tell their parents or your kids about it one day they will have an interesting story to tell, that’s why most people meet their future partners in the most unlikely places.

So be creative, be original and never resort to a pick up line, if you can’t think of anything creative and original, then a simple “hi, what’s up?” is still a much better option.

10. Abuse your wing.

Don’t be selfish and desperate enough to betray your wing when you’re out, a good wing is hard to find and you have to be prepared to give as well as receive see the wingman’s code.

Your ideal wing should be your relative equal in looks and charm. There is no point in having an ugly weird wing to pick off the fatties for you because he will drop your group sex appeal and you will end up going for less attractive women without even realising you are dropping your standard just because they look pretty in comparison to their ugly friend.

You and your wing should understand one another, ideally have a signal system so you can identify early in an interaction who is going for who, if you betray your wing then it will come back to haunt you it is gauranteed.

If you pick up but your wing does not and you leave with a girl when he needs you, then you have abused your wingman privilidges.

Treat your wing as you would like to be treated and be willing to put each others desires first; never, ever compete for the same girl.

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