10 Sexy Tips For Seducing Strippers

how to seduce strippers

By Kieran Black

Have you ever walked into a stripclub and you see these beautiful scantily clad women dancing naked for these drooling men and you think to yourself, ‘look at these saps, giving these strippers all this money thinking that it’s going to get them laid, they’re obviously just using them!’

Then lo and behold an hour later you see either yourself or one of your buddies sitting in the same seat doing the exact same thing, putting their hard earned cash under the g-string of some beautiful girl named Krystal or Coco or Destiny; then, she waves her titties in her patrons face and he gets excited and goes to the ATM to get some more money.

Then at the end of the night, what do you know, after all that money he’s thrown away he goes home alone and masturbates over these beautiful women instead of having sex with them.

Well what if I told you how you can avoid being ‘that guy’, that there is actually a way that you can go home at the end of the night with your wallet full and a stripper on your arm? You would probably think I was full of it right? That only super rich and handsome guys or mobsters would even stand a chance of taking those kinds of girls home?

Well the truth is, it’s entirely possible, I know this because I’ve done it myself on numerous occassions and I have complete confidence that I can just as easily do it again, whenever I want and once you follow these tips and seduce a stripper once, it will become like a second nature to you and when you are horny and out at a stripclub you will actually be able to do something about it and take home the stripper at the end of the night, rather than just jerking it to her memory.

1. Be the king of the stripclub.

Act like you own shares in the club; interact with the staff and the bouncers and make an effort to befriend them on a first name basis. You will do better hanging out with these guys than you would if you were with a big group of mates.

The last thing you want to do is to hide away in some quiet dark corner leering at the girls like some kind of creepy pervert. Be out in the open, act like you are proud to be there and hold your head high.

2. Look strippers in the eyes.

When you see strippers on stage and everyone is staring at their jiggly bits, look them straight in the eyes and if they come up and talk to you don’t look at their breasts at all, just ignore the fact that they are naked.

This will humanise you in their eyes and make them feel like you are interested in them for more than just their looks; it also shows them that you are not intimidated by them and you are a strong alpha male because you are able to establish and hold eye contact without shying away.

3. Stick to your target.

Choose the girl that you want and keep your focus on her, if you’re talking to her and you keep checking out other strippers she will think that you are just another horny patron who will take anything he can get, this is not attractive; strippers are women and women want guys who make them feel special and unique, they don’t like being treated like a piece of meat (unless you’re paying).

If you are talking to one stripper and another comes up to you that you like the look of better then don’t be afraid to leave the one you are with to move onto something that catches your fancy but just be careful with this because the more shopping they see you doing the more they will think that you are just a shallow sleaze.

4. Make her justify her value.

When a stripper comes up to you and asks you if you want a lap dance, don’t be an easy sell, make her justify to you why she is worth it.

For example.

“Hey would you like a dance?”
“I don’t know, should I?”
“Well why should I want ‘your’ dance? all these other girls want to dance with me, what makes your dance so special?”
“Well I’m the best honey”
“Ooh you better not let the other girls find out, they might get jealous”

The idea is, you don’t give in right away, you have some fun with it and be challenging. This forces them to be creative with their sale and it gets them more involved on a personal level.

This also gives you the opportunity to get some interesting dialogue happening prior to the dance and makes it feel more like a natural seduction for her because there has been a gradual sexual escalation.

5. Trade her for her real name.

When they are about to sell you on a dance, tell them that you will trade them for their real name, if they say “I can’t tell you my real name” then smile and tell them “I can’t let a stranger dance on my lap”.

Once you have her real name, you have a foot in the door because she can no longer hide behind her stripper identity, it suddenly becomes a lot more real and personal; it also shows them that you are interested in getting to know the real person behind the make-up and you are interested in her personality, not just their big boobies.

6. Don’t let her lapdance.

When she goes to give you a lap dance, stop her after a little while and tell her that it doesn’t feel right for you and you want to get to know her better first. Sit her down next to you and start talking to her, ask her about stuff like her passions, what she is studying, what part of the city she is from.

Not only will doing this allow you to figure out the logistics of the two of you getting together for sex, it will also take her out of work mode and make her feel like she is on a date rather than working a job and this will force her to look at you as a human being and a man, rather than a walking talking ATM.

7. Take her mind off the job.

Never mention her work in any of the conversations you are having with her, don’t ask her stuff like “what’s it like to be a stripper?” or “How many men do you lap dance in one night?”.

Your mission is to make her feel like she isn’t at work, you want her to see you as being special and unlike the rest of the guys shoving money down her panties. Reminding her of her job as a stripper is only going to re-enforce her original prerogative and discourage her from opening up to you.

Talk to her about things that take her mind to other places, like travelling and her favourite movies etc. Make her forget through conversation that she is even at work, women love to talk so this isn’t as hard as it sounds, it’s actually quite easy as long as you resist the temptation to draw attention back to her job.

8. Never show that you are ashamed of being in a stripclub.

There is nothing wrong or weird about being in a stripclub, just think of it like a nightclub but with hot naked dancing girls because essentially that’s what it is and you are there to have a fun time and there is nothing wrong with that.

Don’t feel ashamed of being there and definitely do not show the strippers that you’re ashamed, these beautiful women will not sleep with a guy out of sympathy and your shame will only make them feel bad.

Avoid saying things like “I never normally come to places like this” or “I didn’t realise this was a stripclub when I walked in” this will just make you look embarassed, supplicating and weak and this is a big no-no. Have supreme confidence at all times and believe in your actions.

9. Don’t ask a stripper for sex.

Don’t proposition her directly for sex, this will make her think that you think she is a prostitute.

Instead, where you would use the word “fuck” try using the word “drink” or “party“, for example.

“Hey you want to come party back at my place?”


“I know a great place to party if you’re interested, then maybe after that we can party back at my place and you can bring your cute friend and I will party her little pussy all night as well” (joke)

10. Go all or nothing.

It is pretty rare for strippers to ‘date’ a guy that they met ‘at work’, even if they think it’s a good idea at the time when they go home and think about it some more they will think better of it and flake on you.

If it is going to happen then it needs to happen on the night, so don’t settle for anything less. Make your goal to take her home with you that night and have the utmost confidence in this, you need to believe with all your heart that you can take her home regardless of her excuses.

That doesn’t mean that you should throw her over your shoulder after knocking out the bouncers but it does mean that provided you have done everything as advised above, be persistent in telling her to come party with you because when it comes down to it, they are generally discouraged from going home with customers so you will need to show a little persisitance.

At the end of the day it’s important to remember that strippers are just beautiful women with alternative night jobs and they are all unique and interesting in their own way. Sure the cliche tends to lean towards them all being single Mum’s with biker ex-boyfriend’s but a lot of them are actually just young women working to pay off their university tuition fees and once they are done with stripping many of them go on to live fairly normal lives with husbands and children and white picket fences and nobody knows any better.

Strippers need loving too, just like any beautiful women they enjoy getting laid and they are open to the idea of having sex with you, so take what you learnt in this article and get out there this weekend and take home a beautiful stripper and remember, all that exotic dancing makes them super toned and flexible so you are in for a treat if you play your cards right.

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