10 Easy Tips For Talking To Girls.

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As the world populations grow and different cultures and races continue to expand and intermingle with one another we find ourselves entering the age of digital communication with an increasing demand for new computer and phone technologies which allow the average person to regularly communicate across the world with a plethora of people on a day to day basis.

Through technologies such as Facebook and iphones it is now ehasier than ever to meet new people and keep in touch with our friends, but at what price?

Before the development of written languages humans could only communicate to one another through face to face personal interaction.

We would use our words, our voice tone and our body language to communicate a range of emotions and thoughts to one another.

These three components of communication were essential to our successful interactions with each other and added a depth of understanding for which there is yet to be any any comparable alternative.

We live in an age where devices such as computers and phones have become a substitute for physical interactions and although we now have the ability to communicate with a larger variety of people we only really form strong deep bonds and connections with a minority of them.

What many people don’t realize is that these physical social interactions are imperative to their general confidence and social development.

Without interpersonal and consistent interactions with a wide range of females from an early age, many men reach a point in their lives when they become sexually active and interested in meeting girls however many of them have never learnt the essential skills necessary to connect with them on a level required for initiating a seduction.

This is what we are going to go through now, to enable you as the reader the opportunity to identify some areas in which you are having difficulties and also explain how to improve these perceived shortcomings in your interactions with beautiful women.  

1. Speak Clearly  

When speaking to women or anybody for that matter it is important that you speak clearly, with confidence and don’t mumble.

You can’t have a conversation with a beautiful woman if she cann’t hear what you are saying or you are stuttering every word.

Some people find this harder than others especially if they suffer from a speech impediment; if you are one of those people, then it might be a worthwhile investment to commission the services of a speech therapist to proactively improve the way you communicate with others.  

2. Be genuine  

Most men who have only a limited experience communicating with women will often resort to cheesy pick up lines or use very generic questions or statements when approaching girls.

For example. ‘Hi, I think you’re really hot. Can I buy you a drink?’

Even though you are giving her a compliment, a statement such as this would be taken as being insincere and most women will assume the following.

-You use this line on every girl you meet.

-You are shallow and only interested in her for her looks.

-The conversation to come will most likely be just as insincere.

 There are several good ways to approach a girl for the first time.

– Find something unique and interesting about her appearance and pay her a compliment. For example. ‘Hi, I like your earrings’

– Ask her a question about herself, her opinion, about the situation or place.

For example.

‘Hi, do you know any nice bars around here?’
Or if you are more traditional you could just introduce yourself and ask for her name.

For example.

‘Hi I’m Basil Winstertonton; I saw you over here and wanted to talk to you’ What’s your name?’

However you choose to approach a girl; it is vital that you are not pretending to be someone you are not, most women will see through this and you will look pathetic.

Just be honest and straight forward and remember that trust and respect is the basis of every relationship; if you are dishonest with a girl you like from the beginning then it will never work out well.  

3. Listen to her when she speaks.

The most important, yet commonly overlooked thing to remember when having a conversation with a woman.

A lot of men have a very bad habit of planning the conversation ahead before they even approach women because they are nervous about running out of things to say or they don’t know how to funny naturally so they try to memorise funnny lines and jokes; then, they spend the whole time trying to remember what they were going to say next and they ignore most of the important content in what the girl is saying to them.

This is a major pitfall because if a girl doesn’t think you are listening to her then she is going to think you are only interested in her for her looks and not as a person and this leads to a lot of misunderstandings between men and women.

When talking to a girl the best thing to do is go in with a clear mind, most women love to talk all you need to do is approach them, try to ask them questions about topics they appear to be interested in and they will generally do most of the work for you.

4. Maintain strong eye contact

When a beautiful woman is talking to you, it is very important that you maintain eye contact and not stare at her breasts, many women find this insulting and disrespectful; the best place to look at a woman while in conversation is the eyes.

There is a certain animal magnetism that people feel when their eyes are locked within another persons, hypnotists use this trance-like state to bring people into a state where they are very susceptible to suggestion and when two lovers hold each others gazes it can feel as if there is no-one else around creating a world within their own.

This state of connectivity and isolation from outside stimuli is the perfect stage for attraction to build upon, the intensity of the gaze creates sexual tension and the longer the gaze is held by the two parties the more compelling the notion to kiss and become intimate becomes.

Strong eye contact is essential any successful seduction and can not truly be achieved without it.

5. Treat them like normal people.  

A lot of men will often feel awed by a woman’s beauty and will put her on a pedestal.

If you want to be able to talk to pretty girls it is essential that you talk to them like they are normal people because the reality is, they ‘are’ normal people.

They have feelings just like you, love and hates, strengths and weaknesses like you; they are human just like you and will respect you and find you more interesting if you treat them like you are both on the same level.

She is not an alien from another planet she is a human being and she is not cooler than you.

We are all equal.

Remember that when you’re talking to her and before you even consider talking to her because, the way you regard her will shine through your persona and if you regard her as an equal you will seem comfortable and confident as opposed to arrogant, uneasy or scared.  

6. Never insult a woman’s appearance.  

Some women spend hours in the bathroom before they go out just trying to perfect their appearance for the public and potential suitors.

There is no better way to make a woman hate you that to insult their appearance by pointing out a flaw in the looks.

7. Respect her passions and beliefs.

If a women is telling you about her passions or hobbies it is counterproductive to dismiss her beliefs as silly or trivial and will make you appear arrogant. You don’t need to agree with her but you do need to respect her opinion.

Most people that you meet wont share all the same likes and hobbies as you do but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a relationship with them, it just means that you don’t see eye to eye on everything and would you really want to be with a girl who was EXACTLY like you, how boring would that be?

Make sure you keep an open mind and try not to giving off the impression that you are judging them otherwise prepare yourself to be judged in return.  

8. Avoid potentially offensive or disgusting topics.

There are certain topics of conversation which are generally taboo when talking to strangers. It is important that as a Player you know how to talk to girls without offending them.

As comfortable as you might feel with a beautiful stranger you have just met, in the early stages it is very easy to put them off by bringing up a bad topic, if you bring this topic up on a first meeting, chances are they will associate the negative emotion they feel about that subject with the person bringing it up; you.

You don’t have to be ridiculously safe and cautious but as a general rule there are some topics which most people consider to be in bad taste, such as.

Religion and politics.

You can rarely tell from the beginning if a person is going to have particular religious or political views which are not in line with your own.

For some women such differing views can be a deal breaker early on in a conversation, however once they get to know you better they are more easily overlooked.


Today in Western society most people encounter people of a different race or culture to their own on a day to day basis.

Chances are that most people these days have at least one friend of a different race or culture.

If you present racist views then they will feel protective over that friend and likely hostile towards you; it is not a risk that you need to take.


Although certain jokes might seem funny when you are hanging out with your guy friends; most girls, especially strangers won’t appreciate this humor and even though you may be joking they will still see you as being sexist just for knowing those jokes and finding them funny.

The only exception would be if the girl you were talking to was making sexist jokes about men in which case you would be on an even moral plateau.

Criminal behavior

Once again this comes down to association.

If you are talking to a girl you have just met about crimes such as rape and murder; even if you are telling her how bad you think they are, all that she will hear is ‘rapist’,’murderer’ and since you are the one telling her about this then she will begin to feel less safe around you because you bring up topics that frighten her.

Topics that disgust people.

Women don’t want to hear about the horrible spate of diarrhea you went through whilst traveling through South-East Asia.

Sure it’s awesome that you had such a great adventure but you could have easily left that bit out; It will kill any attraction she felt for you because now all she can picture in her head are your shit stained jocks and from here on out you’re known to her friends as ‘the poop guy’.

9. Don’t worry; be happy.

When we are meeting someone for the first time it is ideal for the interaction to be a comfortable one.

The best way to ensure that you are comfortable with each other is by smiling and appearing friendly and happy and having her reciprocate the same to you.

When you talk to her for the first time go in with a smile on your face and laugh easily when a funny moment occurs.

It is a lot easier to make friends by being happy and funny than by being angry and serious; in fact if you are angry and serious it is practically impossible.

One mistake that a lot of men will make is they will put so much pressure on themselves to perform that they will not enjoy the interaction and likely cut it short to get out of an uncomfortable situation, this is because they are too attached to the outcome i.e. they care too much.

It will be a lot easier to feel relaxed, happy and comfortable in a new conversation if you’re not worried about the outcome. The most confident Player’s couldn’t care less because they know that whether this girl going home with them or not, they essentially know how to attract and get girls on a regular basis and an even better opportunity could be just around the corner.

If all you care about is making a beautiful woman like you then chances are it’s going to mess with your head and you are going to crack under the pressure.

10. Don’t mirror their femininity; maintain your masculinity.

Mirroring is a term used to describe a social phenomenon wherein people will copy gestures and mannerisms of someone that we are interested in or admire, in a social situation.

Sometimes, when a man is feeling particularly attracted to a woman he will start to imitate aspects of her manner in a subconscious attempt to make her like him for familiarities sake.

It is a known fact that people will instinctively like people who they feel resemble themselves somewhat even if it is only in their mannerisms.

The reason mirroring is bad when talking to a girl is by taking on feminine gestures you are actually eliminating yourself as a sexual prospect and putting yourself in the ‘harmless friends zone’, this is due to the fact that you are now acting like a girl rather than acting like a confident man and heterosexual women are attracted to masculinity not femininity.

If you are someone who struggles talking with girls, then the best way to get better is through practice, the more girls you talk to, the more experience you will have and the easier it will be to talk to strangers, it actually becomes a lot of fun once you get good at it.

If you are looking to for some extra help and want a more comprehensive step-by-step guide to improving the way you communicate with women, then we would definitely recommend getting a copy of ‘Conversation King’ which was actually written by a woman who is in fact beautiful, just Click Here!

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