10 Easy Tips For Seducing Beautiful Women On The Phone.

seducing a girl on the phone

Just to clarify, this article is not about seducing girls whilst they are on the phone to someone else. Not that this isn’t an awesome thing to be able to do because the nature of beautiful women is that they do get called a lot, so they spend a lot of their time on the phone. 

If you are able to disengage a girl from her phone call and chat her up then you are doing pretty well. Unfortunately however, it is quite hard to do this without there being some kind of emergency within the immediate vicinity so you are better off playing it cool till they finish their phone call, or you could just yell “Fire!”, your choice.

If you think you have seen the love of your life walking by in a busy street on the phone, then by all means go for it! Just don’t expect her to be too receptive initially because she might think you’re a bit crazy.

Today we are going to learn how to better seduce beautiful women over the phone and what warm blooded man wouldn’t want to learn how to make beautiful women blush and dote with the silky smooth sound of his voice? It’s entirely possibly, in fact if you follow the following tips devoutly, it’s guaranteed.

This could be a girl who’s number you’ve obtained whilst out on the prowl, it could be a friend who you want to make things sexual with, it could be your buddies hot older sister, you know the one who always wears lots of provocative short dresses and looks ‘just’ different enough from your buddy for it to not be totally disturbing and sick to want to get it on with her?

Whomever the apple of your eye may be, she no doubt has access to a telephone and chances are this is your best chance of establishing communication with her. So the first step to seducing a girl over the telephone is getting her phone number or alternatively getting her to call you.

One of our traveller members once seduced a very hot airline counter worker when his guitar went missing travelling from Argentina to Britain. He gave the counter girl his contact details after a flirty yet professional conversation and sure enough when she phoned him about the airline finding his guitar, he was able to organise a personal liaison which resulted in him getting laid by a very hot chick and having a free place to crash on the weekend.

Although nine times out of ten when you give a girl your number she is not going to call you, she might text you if you’re lucky but generally it is better to be the one making the call. After all, you are the man here, not her and if you think guys are pussies about calling girls, girls are even worse, they have no balls, literally.

Once you get your girl on the phone it is time to pull out your best game because this phone call could very well decide whether things go to the next level or not. In order to ensure that things go according to plan for you, we have provided these 10 easy tips for seducingo beautiful women on the phone.

1. If you feel nervous, call someone else first.

What stuffs most guys up when they are calling beautiful women is that they get so nervous and worked up about calling a girl they like that they end up stressing themselves out and either end up sounding like a weird bumbling idiot or worse, they don’t call at all.

When you recognise that you are feeling nervous about calling a girl, the best thing you can do is trick yourself by calling a friend first instead. It is best if this friend is a reasonably attractive female who is not related to you but if you don’t have a lot of these kinds of friends then just about anyone you feel close and comfortable with will do fine.

At the end of your friendly conversation with the person you feel close and comfortable with, hang up the phone and call the girl you’re interested in, it will feel a lot easier and more natural because you are already in a ‘good conversational mode’.

2. Don’t script your conversations.

One big mistake a lot of guys make when calling beautiful women is that they plan the conversation ahead, before it even happens; much like memorising lines in a play.

The big problem with this however, is that you have NO idea what the person on the other end of the line is going to say so when you get thrown a curve ball or a good conversational opportunity arises, you are too caught up trying to remember your script you end up sounding like an idiot or even worse, they think you are not listening to them.

If you want your conversation to be interesting and unique you really shouldn’t plan anything after “Hey, it’s (insert name) here, how’s it going?”, from then on listen to what she has to say and use it as ‘information bullets’ for your conversational machine gun.

For example.

“Hey, it’s Rusty Crotch here, how’s it going?”
“I’m okay, how are you doing?”

“Only okay? Not splendiferous, not amazing?”

Good conversation is all about being creative, if she gives you dirt you need to turn it into gold and you can only achieve this with a quick and clear mind.

3. Play it cool.

Although you want to be unique and interesting when chatting up beautiful women on the phone, you don’t want to be a scary capricious weirdo.

You need to come across as being comfortable with the conversation at all times, if you seem stressed, agitated, insecure then it will put her off wanting to talk to you.

If it is the first time you have called her, try not to get too deep and meaningful, and talk about stuff like your beloved pet hamster dying after you tried to give him a toothpick labotamy when you were 12. She doesn’t need to know these things about you yet, keep it to yourself until way down the track when she knows you’re cool.

All she needs to know about you after this phone call is that you are a cool attractive guy who is interested in her, that will be enough to make her want to see you in person, get to know the real you and get you laid.

4. Maintain Confidence.

Make sure you have confidence in yourself when talking to her, don’t stammer or mumble, speak loudly and clearly so she can understand what you are saying and if you blurt out something that sounds wrong don’t let it throw off your game, just roll with the punches.

If you don’t have a lot of confidence in yourself then it will shine through to her and this is a turn off to beautiful women; if you are not normally a confident person then read some inspirational quotes or watch a feel good movie before calling her.

If you don’t think you are good enough for her then neither will she.

5. Smile when you are talking.

She can’t see you so why should it matter?

It matters because the expression you have on your face majorly affects your voice tone and this can’t be faked. Try keeping a happy expression on your face whilst speaking really angrily and vice versa, it simply doesn’t work, our facial expression directly affects our vocal expression and therefore it is essential that we be smiling whilst on the phone to a girl we like in order to best convey a positive and friendly attitude.

6. Let her know your time is precious.

When you call her it always pays off to convey to her that you have a tight schedule, this will make her place more value on your time and she is less likely to waste it.

For example…

“Hey there, it’s been the craziest day, finally got a bit of a break and I figured I’d give you a call, how are you doing?”

It is always a good thing for beautiful women to assume you are a busy guy as opposed to assuming you are not busy at all.

Appearing busy makes you seem valuable and sought after, even if what you are really busy with is a six hour Swedish porn and masturbation session, she doesn’t need to know that. All she needs to know is that she should feel privilidged to be a part of your schedule and it is up to you to make her believe this.

7. Keep a low tone.

A deep and low voice always sounds sexier to girls than a temultuous and pubescent squeeky voice.

When speaking to girls try and keep your voice a monotone lower than your regular voice, it is always better for the purpose of seduction to be a monotone lower than a monotone higher. It sounds a lot sexier over the phone and it will help you keep your cool.

Try not to over do it by going Barry White on them, this might be a bit much. Some good role models for this are the actors that play James Bond. When 007 converses with beautiful women his voice is always firm, deep and controlled and it drives women wild.

8. Have good noise in the background.

It is actually good to have a bit of ‘good noise’ in the background to help reduce the intensity of the phone call.

The best type of ‘good noise’ is the sound of socialising. This will make them picture you out somewhere surrounded by lots of friends as opposed to sitting in a dark leaky basement surrounded by the dead vacant stares of your most recent victims.

It is definitely preferable to have young women’s voices over mens, this will make them wonder if you are being pursued by other beautiful women, which is a good thing. If you don’t have access to that then the tv is a good option (depending on whats on) or at the very least you should have some nice music playing, preferably not classical because that will put you straight back in the leaky basement interfering with the corpses of your latest victims.

9. Get her talking about herself as much as possible.

A problem that a lot of guys have when calling a babe up for the first time, is they try to give them a sales pitch.

They make a list of all their best selling points and they try to drop them in at different points in the conversation. Although it’s important beautiful women know how awesome we are, the fact of the matter is, they really just want to talk about themselves and get bored hearing guys rave on about how great their job is or how cool their friends are.

If you want them to like you and feel like they have a connection with you, then your best shot at achieving this is to make her believe you are a good listener and genuinely interested in her for her personality. The best way to do this is to ask her questions about things you know they’re interested in, even if you couldn’t care less.

If you don’t know what her interests are then you can always just ask her, ‘So what are your passions in life?’, asking this question will be ten times more affective in establishing a connection than talking about how many push ups you can do or how you’re thinking of starting a career as a hand model.

Don’t make the mistake of trying too hard to impress her it will make you look like a loser.

10. Don’t end the phone call straight away after asking her out.

When most men call up a girl to ask her out, they will phone her up, make a little bit of small talk, ask the question then once they get a yes they will hang up the phone and think they are God’s gift to women for the next half an hour.

The problem with this though, is that the men who do this often count their chickens before they hatch and when the time comes around to meet up for their date, what do you know, they get stood up or the girl cancels with a tentative re-scheduling option.

Then the guy gets frustrated and either gets mopey or angry and ends up blowing any remaining chance he had because of this.

Well the reality is that nothing you can do will guarantee that they stick to what they told you, but there is one major thing you can do to improve your chances.

After she says ‘yes’ change the course of the conversation and continue it in a lighter direction (such as cute little puppies, everyone loves puppies!)

The reason this works is because when you ask a girl out then end the conversation at that, you are leaving it at a high intensity and therefore between the time she agrees and the time she is due to meet up with you this intensity stays constant and results in her feeling like she is under surmounting pressure. This is bad.

By continuing the conversation onto lighter topics after you drop the date bomb, you are alleviating a lot of the intensity caused by your proposal and they are unlikely to feel as pressured in the time between saying yes and following through because you left it on a light note.

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