Author: Eddie Fews

The Impact of Standards on Emotional Attachments

One of the most common issues I come across with men who are looking to improve their success with women is that they have no idea what it is they want outside of physical appearance. They don’t have a type, any standards , or a quality they’re looking for. They’re not approaching women because they’re […]

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” She Gave Me Her Phone Number, What Do I Do Now? “

New Podcast: ” She Gave Me Her Number, What Do I Do Now? “ Learn what to do after approaching and getting a girls phone number. Please follow and like us:

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Why Playing Hard to Get Is Unnecessary

I received a question today through email from a guy wondering whether or not he should be playing hard to get when dealing with the women in his life.The question went as follows.. Ok so this is definitely one aspect of game that I find very confusing. The game places great emphasis on making the […]

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beautiful woman having orgasm

How To Eat Pussy Like A Player

The Players Guide To Giving Girls Amazing Oral Sex Studies have shown that women are much more likely to orgasm from cunnilingus than they are from conventional sex; so if you want to be renowned as an incredible lover then it’s definitely a skill worth learning. When preparing a girl for oral sex it’s vital […]

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