About Us

The Way of the Player community

Bringing the best Players of the world together.


The Way of the Player is a community consisting of a dedicated team of seduction coaches and students united to expand and publicize the ideals and goals of the Way of the Player movement.

Our goal is to use our combined expertise from a variety of seduction based backgrounds to provide men of the world with a learning platform and community they can be proud to be involved with.

We believe in our advice so strongly that we are 100% confident that study and application will result in instant improvement in the way our users interact with women.

Our global network of dedicated Players will assist you in becoming better at communicating with beautiful women, that’s our promise. We will also teach you how to get the basic skills necessary to allow you to approach, attract and keep beautiful women and the best part is, we do this for FREE.

Join the community, read the articles and get involved in the discussions. This community will change your life.

We achieve this through the implementation of the following.

  • Supplying regular up to date conceptual content by experienced industry professionals.
  • The use of creative media to more effectively facilitate a wider range of learning styles.
  • Pro-active community involvement and the regular publication of articles submitted by our members.
  • The use of interactive social media software to assist in creating a community vibe and support network.

Like many things in life, the more time and thought you put into Way of the Player the more you will get out of it, so take the first step and register today. It will only change your life for the better, we guarantee it.

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