The Impact of Standards on Emotional Attachments

One of the most common issues I come across with men who are looking to improve their success with women is that they have no idea what it is they want outside of physical appearance. They don’t have a type, any standards , or a quality they’re looking for. They’re not approaching women because they’re […]

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” She Gave Me Her Phone Number, What Do I Do Now? “

New Podcast: ” She Gave Me Her Number, What Do I Do Now? “ Learn what to do after approaching and getting a girls phone number.

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Why Playing Hard to Get Is Unnecessary

I received a question today through email from a guy wondering whether or not he should be playing hard to get when dealing with the women in his life.The question went as follows.. Ok so this is definitely one aspect of game that I find very confusing. The game places great emphasis on making the […]

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8 Reasons Why Your Politics Are Holding You Back

Everyone has their own politics. Some opinions are more developed and better informed than others. Some people will inevitably be wrong, and others are right. One thing is common. Most people across the political spectrum believe that they know best and others with different opinions are either stupid and/or ignorant. For that reason, most people […]

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Amsterdam fashion

The 5 Fashion Essentials Needed For Summer

1. White Sneakers Anyone that knows anything about fashion knows that white sneakers are a summer essential. Darker colors were always meant to absorb heat and sunlight in the winter to keep one warm, and light colors were intended to reflect that light to keep one cool. And the best part about white sneakers is […]

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10 Common Things Keeping You From Big Money

Money is not something that is earned, it is something that is learned What I’m about to tell you about money will probably go against everything that you were taught growing up. The things you were made to value and consider to be a part of having a good life might actually be what is […]

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rich kids become a player

Don’t be jealous of the ‘Rich Kids’

Why You Shouldn’t Be Jealous Of Rich Kids When I was growing up, I spent the last two years at a Private School on a sports scholarship. I was surrounded by rich kids; wealthy, privileged and arrogant to boot. I was one of the only kids in my class who didn’t have a beach house. […]

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What Men & Women Really Want

So yesterday in the article I wrote titled “Is Your Girl Slipping Away?” I briefly touched on the underlying concept that is present in all relationships between a man and a woman; which is investment versus compliance. My original introduction to the concept was spoken by a comedian by the name of Patrice O’Neal who […]

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Is Your Girl Slipping Away?

I had been communicating with a woman that I began to take a good deal of interest in recently and had some interesting information revealed to me. We had hung out several times, really enjoyed each others company, and out of no where she began to drift away. After being consistently texted daily from her […]

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The Worst Lay of My Life

Hi WOTP, I’m Jack and this is my first time writing for Way Of The Player and I’ll be submitting more material in the future. I’ve been meaning to tell this story for sometime so I figure, why not not. I’m pretty okay with the majority of my decisions and so I’ve never been one to regret […]

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