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What Men & Women Really Want

So yesterday in the article I wrote titled “Is Your Girl Slipping Away?” I briefly touched on the underlying concept that is present in all relationships between a man and a woman; which is investment versus compliance. My original introduction to the concept was spoken by a comedian by the name of Patrice O’Neal who began to gain popularity before …

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The Worst Lay of My Life

Hi WOTP, I’m Jack and this is my first time writing for Way Of The Player and I’ll be submitting more material in the future. I’ve been meaning to tell this story for sometime so I figure, why not not. I’m pretty okay with the majority of my decisions and so I’ve never been one to regret much of anything. However, this …

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Was Jesus Christ An Alpha Male?

What is An Alpha Male? This is one of the most common topics within the Pick Up Artist community that I find when I’m on boards and forums dishing out advice. Every guy is trying to figure out how to behave like or how to become an alpha male. The latest post just happened to be “ Was Jesus Christ …

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Deer Hunter vs The Deer: Women Dating Advice

Alright so, here goes a concept that I discuss with men almost everyday when emailed that I decided to put into article format. It’s the concept of “the deer” versus the “deer hunter”. I developed this concept after men would repeatedly tell me that a female friend of theirs had given them contrary advice to the advice that I had …

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