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Was Jesus Christ An Alpha Male?

What is An Alpha Male? This is one of the most common topics within the Pick Up Artist community that I find when I’m on boards and forums dishing out advice. Every guy is trying to figure out how to behave like or how to become an alpha male. The latest post just happened to be “ Was Jesus Christ …

adminWas Jesus Christ An Alpha Male?

Deer Hunter vs The Deer: Women Dating Advice

Alright so, here goes a concept that I discuss with men almost everyday when emailed that I decided to put into article format. It’s the concept of “the deer” versus the “deer hunter”. I developed this concept after men would repeatedly tell me that a female friend of theirs had given them contrary advice to the advice that I had …

adminDeer Hunter vs The Deer: Women Dating Advice

The Conversation: Dealing With Flakes

This is the beginning of a series of conversations i’ve had with emails and members of relationship forums that I am going to begin posting on WOTP. This is part one.. Stay tuned for more.  Emailer: Hey, You know you’re fucked when you create an account specifically to ask about one girl. Goddamn. Anyway, I’ve been seeing a coworker for a …

adminThe Conversation: Dealing With Flakes

Dear women, lose feminism

This is the cold lonely truth about feminism. I’m going to start by saying that 95% of all women reading this have already categorized me as an angry, sexist, misogynistic pig the moment they saw an article by a man about feminism. To all those women, I’m afraid you are a victim of your own conditioning. To my male readers, …

adminDear women, lose feminism

From a Fat Loser to a Married Success

Hey guys, As many of you would know, I used to post on here quite a bit. I pretty much used this website as a digital diary for me to record many of my experiences and ideas in the hope that it would help other guys and also allow me to further solidify my own game. It has been an …

adminFrom a Fat Loser to a Married Success